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Visiting Professor
  • Developing advanced analytics & IoT use cases as the Executive Solution Leader in KoçDigital
  • 3 years in global teams, focusing on digital technologies, digital strategy, and digital business model innovation
  • Led Istanbul Smart City Vision, Strategy, and Roadmap Project
  • Established & lead Robotics Process Transformation (RPA) business in EY and Deloitte
  • Expert and facilitator of Business Model Generation, Value Proposition Design, and Blue Ocean Strategy (using design thinking)
  • Established OT / IoT security business in EY, resulted in market leadership


Partner, Smart Cities Industry Leader

  • Company Name KoçDigital
  • Dates EmployedJun 2018 – Present
  • Employment Duration1 yr 10 mos
  • LocationIstanbul, Turkey

  • Developing Advanced Analytics & IoT Business in Turkey / region (CIS, MENA).

  • Developing advanced analytics offerings & use cases.

  • Leading advanced analytics & IoT engagements.

  • Leading Smart Cities, Energy, Mining, and Construction sectors.

  • Temporarily supported KocSistem's RPA sales / marketing / delivery operations with global best practices (June - September 2018).

Assistant Professor

  • Company Name İstinye Üniversitesi
  • Dates EmployedApr 2018 – Present
  • Employment Duration2 yrs
  • LocationIstanbul, Turkey

Senior Manager | Robotics & Cognitive Automation Services Leader

  • Company Name Deloitte Digital
  • Dates EmployedFeb 2018 – Jun 2018
  • Employment Duration5 mos
  • LocationTurkey

Built, Operated and Transferred Robotics Cognitive Automation Department for Deloitte Turkey.

Company Name EY

  • Total Duration5 yrs 1 mo

Senior Manager @ EMEIA Advisory Center IoT, Advisory Energy Sector Leader @ EY Turkey

  • Dates EmployedJul 2016 – Feb 2018
  • Employment Duration1 yr 8 mos
  • Location Istanbul, Turkey

  • Developing business and delivering projects in EMEIA region in IoT as well as Robotics Process Automation and R&D.

  • Leading EY Turkey Advisory's Energy sector

  • Focus sectors: Energy and Healthcare

  • Led Istanbul Smart City Vision & Strategy and Turkey Industry 4.0 Strategy Projects.

CSE OT Competency Center Turkey Leader

  • Dates Employed Nov 2014 – Jul 2016
  • Employment Duration1 yr 9 mos
  • Location Warsaw, Masovian District, Poland

  • Developing Operational Technologies (OT) services business in Central South East (CSE) region, primarily in Turkey.

  • Developed and executed the OT services strategy, resulting in OT security services leadership in Turkish energy sector. Largest OT security project in energy sector has been completed.

Manager / Advisory PI

  • Dates EmployedFeb 2013 – Nov 2014
  • Employment Duration1 yr 10 mos

  • Market & consumer analysis and strategic direction for one of the largest incumbents: Market modeling and growth forecast, consumer surveys, segmentation, competitor assessment, and strategic direction recommendations

  • Strategy study and process transformation for one of the largest incumbents: Electricity distribution strategy study, preparation of to-be processes design & functional and technical specifications

  • Regulatory due diligence: A regulatory due diligence study was conducted regarding electricity distribution & retail business in Turkey, including history and development, explanation of the relevant regulations and articles of law and their impacts on the business, profit areas set by the regulations, future regulatory development forecast, and inputs for other due diligence studies.

  • Market research & analysis for the one of the largest BPO services companies

  • Financial due diligence review support: Support was provided to EY branch and the client management for reviewing and challenging the financial due diligence study outputs conducted by a local investment bank regarding an electricity retail & distribution company

  • Financial model review: Commercial & financial assumptions and model structure were reviewed and a report was prepared aiming to support fund raising for a Wind Power Plant investment.

  • Strategic road map - Turkey based (local leader) int. transmission tower manufacturer: Analysis of sales channels & supply chain & support facilities was conducted to determine development areas and a 5-year strategic roadmap was prepared targeting growth at international markets.

  • Strategic road map - Turkey based (local leader) international poultry company

  • Strategic road map - Turkey based international men's apparel company - brand

  • Strategic road map - Turkey based international women's apparel company - brand

  • Strategic business plan & road map - Turkey based international PVC joinery company

Senior Consultant

  • Company Name Deloitte
  • Dates EmployedOct 2010 – Feb 2013
  • Employment Duration2 yrs 5 mos
  • Location Istanbul, Turkey

  • Local & international leader in floating power plants - Restructuring of processes & deployment of integrated IT systems: Designing of to-be processes, preparation of IT specifications, and management of the deployment of IT Infrastructure

  • Turkey's one of the largest electricity distribution & retail group - Restructuring of processes & deployment of integrated IT systems: Designing of to-be processes according to unbundling requirements, preparation of IT specifications, and management of the deployment of IT Infrastructure.

  • Association of Electricity DisCos - Unbundling of Electricity Distribution and Retail & Last Resort and Social Tariff Design: The report covers operational processes, financial, accounting, and legal issues that are affected by unbundling. A Last Resort Tariff Model and Social Support System are designed.

  • Germany based international energy group - Inputs and parameters for electricity wholesale/retail business plan: Market assessment (inc. regional comparison study, market analysis, SWOT analysis, strategic proposal)

  • Turkey based international construction & energy company - Commercial and financial evaluation of an electricity DisCo (Trakya EDAŞ)

  • A large energy & mining company - Commercial and financial evaluation of an 3 electricity DisCos (Gediz EDAŞ, Toroslar EDAŞ, AYEDAŞ)

  • A large energy group - Restructuring of processes & deployment of integrated IT systems:

  • A large energy group - Deployment of Project Management Office dashboard, database, and reporting

  • One of the largest international Oil&Gas companies - M&A Integration Services: Integration of branded auto gas business value chain into Fuels Value Chain (FVC)

  • US agency for regional development - Hydropower Investment Promotion Program

  • Turkey's one of the largest telecom. companies - Copper market analysis

General Manager

  • Company Name Tasoda Music Entertainment
  • Dates EmployedJan 2004 – Dec 2010
  • Employment Duration7 yrs
  • LocationIstanbul, Turkey
  • Operational responsibilities

  • Developed and executed the marketing strategy for Tasoda and its artists, working with all parties to execute.

  • Managed the entire product (album) life cycles

  • Managed teams working in music production, marketing, sales, and distribution simultaneously.

  • Executive producer, producer, arranger and songwriter of various records (see

  • Managed sponsorship activities such as potential sponsor analysis, negotiations, contract management, and communication. Major sponsors were; Patos (Kraft), Doritos (Frito-Lay), Nokia, YKM, and MTV.


  • Executed the establishment and emergence of Tasoda.
  • Focused on social media resulting in following outstanding accomplishments that had a dramatic positive effect on company’s bottom line:
  • Badem was selected by Blue Jean readers as No. 1 at all categories Badem was nominated in.
  • “Muzigin Doa’si (feat. Ceza)” became the world’s 22nd most viewed music video in April 2008 with 1.000.000 hits/month on Youtube.
  • Focused on research and development activities resulting in following innovations that had an significant effect on publicity:
  • 110 – Sifir is the Turkey’s first USB memory formatted physical album.
  • The music video “Senin Hala Bu Kalp (Badem – 3B) is the Turkey’s first 3D music video.

Project-based responsibilities

  • Marketing strategy and execution of several albums: Budgeted, planned and managed the execution of the launching and promotion activities for the albums
  • Consultancy for the establishment of a digital music distribution company: Supported IMM Muzik for the deployment of the business model of the Turkey's first private digital music distribution company

Software Developer

  • Company Name Gordion Bilgi Islem
  • Dates EmployedNov 2000 – Oct 2003
  • Employment Duration3 yrs
  • Location Istanbul, Turkey
  • Development, implementation, and Integration of ERP systems for numerous jewelry manufacturers: Conducted system business & analysis, programmed ERP applications using SQL and Visual FoxPro, implemented and supported the ERP solutions for numerous jewelry manufacturers

Software Engineer

  • Company Name Set Bilgi Islem
  • Dates EmployedSep 1999 – Oct 2000
  • Employment Duration1 yr 2 mos
  • Location Istanbul, Turkey

Implementation and Integration of corporate electronic banking systems for numerous multinational banks: Implemented, integrated and supported Citibank’s corporate electronic banking software for its multinational corporate customers' headquarters in Turkey

Set Bilgi Islem was the supplier of Citibank Turkey’s electronic banking department IT services


Istanbul Technical University

  • Degree Name Ph.D.Field Of StudyManagement Engineering
  • Dates attended or expected graduation2006 – 2015

Gestalt Center for Coaching

  • Degree Name Gestalt Coaching Program
  • Dates attended or expected graduation2019 – 2019

Istanbul Technical University

  • Degree Name M.Sc.Field Of StudyMusic Business and Management & Sound Engineering and Design
  • Dates attended or expected graduation2001 – 2004

Istanbul Technical University

  • Degree Name B.Sc.Field Of StudyIndustrial Engineering
  • Dates attended or expected graduation1994 – 1999

Beşiktaş Atatürk Anatolian High School

  • Degree Name high school
  • Dates attended or expected graduation1987 – 1994

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