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Galilee International Management Institute

Mr. Amos Carmeli is the President of Perach International. For 34 years he served as the National Director of Perach, an independent public institution dedicated to enriching disadvantaged children educationally, socially and culturally, throughout Israel. It is the largest institution of its kind in the world. Perach engages close to 30,000 students a year in tutoring and mentoring needy children from over 1,500 schools all over Israel. Perach's main office in the Weizmann Institute of Science oversees the daily operation of over 650 regular employees, working in eight regional centres. The job entails all facets of administration and education including management of personnel, budgeting, research projects, training programmes, supervision and follow-up activities, as well as contacts with government ministries and agencies, municipal authorities and institutes of higher learning. In the past, Mr. Carmeli was in charge of the administration of the national kindergarten system and school planning in Israel. He served as Deputy Head of the Division of Education in Agricultural School, Settlements and Rural Areas in the Ministry of Education. Mr. Carmeli has experience in organising and operating American youth movement activities and managing summer camps.

  • Studied at the Institute for Senior Public Administration, University of New York.
  • B.A. Social Sciences and Certificate of Business Administration, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

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