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Alex Makarevich - Visió comparativa de Rússia amb altres països de l'est d'Europa / ACC1Ó


ESADE Business School
Assistant Professor, Department of People Management and Organisation in ESADE, Contracted Doctoral Professor


  • PhD in Economic Sociology. Stanford University
  • MSc in Sociology. London School of Economics
  • MPhil in Sociology. Oxford University Areas of interest

  • Inter- and intra-organisational networks

  • Organisational behaviour and theory

  • Corporate entrepreneurship

  • Venture capital industry Biography

Alex Makarevich is an Assistant Professor in the Department of People Management and Organisation. He holds a Ph.D. in Economic Sociology from Stanford University, a M.Phil. from Oxford University, and a M.Sc. from the London School of Economics.

Alex studies how firms'' embeddedness in inter-organizational relationships shapes their strategy, behavior, and performance. He examines how different aspects of network embeddedness affect outcomes of individual firms as well their alliances in several empirical contexts (the U.S. venture capital industry, Japanese banking, and the global automotive industry). Alex''s current research explores the role of inter-organizational ties in new market entry and factors facilitating the success of alliances among competitors.

Previously, Alex studied corporate entrepreneurship at multinational companies. That research covered a number of topics, ranging from the use of knowledge networks in support of corporate ventures to organizational environment within the parent company.

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