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School of Continuing Studies

XMED-526 - Health & Wellness Subject Matter Knowledge Integration

May 30—31
2 days
Washington, DC, USA
USD 1190
USD 595 per day
May 30—31
2 days
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
USD 1190
USD 595 per day
Jan 9—10, 2020
2 days
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
USD 1190
USD 595 per day

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This course focuses on the intersection of health and wellness and coaching. Students will integrate the current guidelines and evidenced-based recommendations in areas of health promotion, disease prevention, and lifestyle medicine with their developing coaching skills. Students will explore case studies in these areas in order to facilitate various topics that may arise in a coaching conversation.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Utilize coaching techniques useful for sustaining behavioral habit change, including smoking cessation, nutritional challenges, sleep disturbances, stress/anxiety levels, and physical activity
  • Apply coaching skills useful for clients managing chronic disease including diabetes, heart health, COPD, obesity, and cancer
Harvard Medical School

Internal Medicine Comprehensive Review and Update

Next dates

Jun 10—15
6 days
Boston, MA, USA
USD 1845
USD 307 per day


Comprehensive, Evidence-Based Updates for Internal Medicine and Its Subspecialties

his program, the 59th Annual Internal Medicine Update from the leading clinical faculty of Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, provides comprehensive instruction to ensure clinicians are current with the latest evidence and best practices for:

  • Cardiovascular Medicine
  • Pulmonary Medicine
  • Critical Care
  • Hematology and Oncology
  • Mind-Body Medicine
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Gastroenterology
  • Endocrinology
  • Rheumatology
  • Nephrology
  • Travel Medicine
  • Allergy and Immunology
  • Immunotherapies and Biologics
  • Lifestyle Medicine
  • Women’s Health
  • Obesity Medicine
  • Hospital Medicine
  • Addiction Medicine
  • Geriatrics
  • Neurology
  • Psychiatry
  • Palliative Care
  • Dermatology
  • Pain Medicine

Practical, Results-Focused Education for Ambulatory and Inpatient Settings

Enhance your skills and optimize your patient outcomes by joining Harvard Medical School’s most distinguished faculty—across all relevant fields of Internal Medicine—as they provide updates, best practices and clinical strategies designed to improve day-to-day practice in both ambulatory and inpatient settings.

►Now in its 59th year, this program is among the highest-rated Harvard Medical School CME courses.

Program Highlights:

Highlights of the 2019 program, comprising 80+ high-impact, incisive educational sessions, include:

Comprehensive updates across all areas of Internal Medicine presented by Harvard Medical School’s leading clinical faculty and most distinguished teachers

Specific evidence-based recommendations to incorporate updates into practice for optimized patient care and outcomes

Outcomes-driven strategies to improve diagnosis and management of diseases seen in both ambulatory and inpatient settings

Case-based sessions and daily Q&A sessions with Harvard faculty Expanded treatment options for:

  • Cardiovascular Disease (including CVD in women)
  • Obesity (including medical and surgical management)
  • Diabetes (including new technologies)
  • Cancer screening strategies
  • Women’s Health
  • COPD, Asthma and Obstructive Sleep Apnea
  • Practical applications of Pharmacology to daily medical practice
  • Smoking cessation

The state of the art in:

  • Coronary artery disease screening
  • Acute coronary syndrome management
  • Anticoagulation strategies
  • Delirium and its management
  • Thromboembolic disease and its complications
  • Immunotherapies and biologics
  • Mind-Body Medicine and the evidence behind it
  • IBD, functional bowel disorders, eosinophilic syndromes and upper tract diseases
  • Emerging infections and clinical management of pneumonia
  • HIV medicine, care of the immunosuppressed host, and skin/soft tissue infections
  • Management of C. difficile (including new therapies)
  • Immunization and travel medicine strategies
  • Diagnostic and treatment strategies for viral hepatitis
  • Addiction medicine, including safe opioid prescription
  • Acute kidney injury, acid-base disorders and care of patients with chronic kidney disease
  • Vasculitis, SLE, rheumatoid arthritis, and more
  • Osteoporosis management and approach to the patient with menopausal symptoms
  • Diagnosis and management of anxiety and depression

The latest guidelines for:

  • Breast cancer and GYN cancer screening
  • Additional cancer screening (including prostate and colon)
  • Hyperlipidemia and hypertension
  • Diagnosis and management of sepsis
  • Rational antibiotic use in the era of rising antimicrobial resistance

A live, interactive New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) Clinicopathologic Conference (CPC) session

Optional Half-Day Add-On Workshop

Treating Obesity in Internal Medicine: Strategies and Tools to Optimize Patient Care and Outcomes

Saturday Afternoon, 1:45 pm – 5:00 pm

This special and timely workshop provides strategies, tools, and guidance to treat obesity and its comorbidities more effectively. This education ensures you are current with the latest data and clinical practices for treating obesity, including:

  • Lifestyle-Directed Anti-Obesity Therapy
  • Pharmacological Treatment of Obesity
  • Surgical Treatment of Obesity

Seating is limited for this special program. To be assured of a spot, early registration is strongly recommended.


Day 1

6:00am to 7:00am Registration and Continental Breakfast

7:00am to 7:15am Course Introduction Katrina Armstrong, MD, Rocío Hurtado, MD, DTM&H, and David Dudzinski, MD, JD

7:15am to 8:00am Acute Kidney Injury: A Practical Framework Leslie Fang, MD, PhD

8:00am to 9:00am Venous Thromboembolic Disease: A Practical Approach Samuel Goldhaber, MD

9:00am to 9:30am Gout: Best Approaches in Diagnosis and Management Zachary Wallace, MD, MSc

9:30am to 10:00am Deciphering Acid-Base, including RTAs Andrew Lundquist, MD, PhD

10:00am to 10:15am Break Refreshments provided

10:15am to 11:00am Update in Management of Chronic Kidney Disease, including ESRD David Steele, MBBCh

11:00am to 11:45am Renal Cases: Interactive Session Andrew Fenves, MD

11:45am to 12:45pm Dysnatremias: A Practical Approach Juan Carlos Ayus, MD

12:45pm to 1:45pm Break for lunch*

1:45pm to 2:15pm The Human Microbiome and Gut Health: New Frontiers Ramnik Xavier, MD, PhD

2:15pm to 2:45pm Systemic Lupus for the Clinician Robert Friday, MD, PhD

2:45pm to 3:30pm Giant Cell Arteritis and Polymyalgia Rheumatica: Novel Approaches John Stone, MD, MPH

3:30pm to 4:00pm Laboratory Interpretation in Rheumatology Sara Schoenfeld, MD

4:00pm to 4:15pm Break Refreshments provided

4:15pm to 5:00pm Update in Prostate Cancer Anthony D’Amico, MD, PhD

5:00pm to 5:30pm Inflammatory Arthritis Syndromes: What's New Sheila Arvikar, MD

5:30pm to 6:15pm Hospital Medicine Update Melissa Mattison, MD

6:15pm to 7:00pm Dermatology for the Clinician Daniela Kroshinsky, MD

Day 2

6:30am to 7:30am Continental Breakfast

7:00am to 7:30am Q & A with the Professors Renal and Rheumatology Faculty Moderated by Eli Miloslavsky, MD

7:30am to 8:15am Lung Cancer Update Ibiayi Dagogo-Jack, MD

8:15am to 9:00am Adult Onset Diabetes Management: A Comprehensive Review David Nathan, MD

9:00am to 9:45am Contemporary Management Strategies in Diabetes 2019 Enrico Cagliero, MD

9:45am to 10:00am Break Refreshments provided

10:00am to 10:45am Mind Body Medicine: Evidence-Based Approaches Darshan Mehta, MD, MPH

10:45am to 11:30am Hyper- and Hypothyroidism: What You Need to Know Gilbert Daniels, MD

11:30am to 12:00pm Practical Approach to the Patient with Menopausal Symptoms Kathryn Martin, MD

12:00pm to 12:45pm Osteoporosis: A Practical Approach for 2019 Elaine Yu, MD, MMSc

12:45pm to 1:45pm Break for lunch*

1:45pm to 2:30pm Cases in Endocrinology: Interactive Session Carl Pallais, MD, MPH

2:30pm to 3:15pm Allergy and Immunology Update Mandakolathur R. Murali, MD

3:15pm to 3:45pm What's New in Sleep Apnea James Mojica, MD

3:45pm to 4:30pm Sepsis Update in 2019 Taylor Thompson, MD

4:30pm to 4:45pm Break Refreshments provided

4:45pm to 5:15pm Asthma Diagnosis and Management in 2019 Aidan Long, MD

5:15pm to 6:00pm How to Approach Chronic Cough Kai Saukkonen, MD

6:00pm to 6:45pm Update on COPD David Kanarek, MD

6:45pm to 7:15pm Update in Ovarian Cancer Screening and Genetic Risk of Gyn Malignancies Marcela Del Carmen, MD

Day 3

6:30am to 7:30am Continental Breakfast

7:00am to 7:30am Q & A with the Professors Endocrine and Pulmonary Faculty Moderated by David Kanarek, MD

7:30am to 8:15am C. diff Update: What's New in 2019 Elizabeth Hohmann, MD

8:15am to 9:00am Common Curbside Consults in ID Paul Sax, MD

9:00am to 10:00am The Mental State Examination: Clinical Pearls Martin Samuels, MD

10:00am to 10:30am Break Refreshments provided

10:30am to 11:00am Delirium: Clinical Pearls in Detection and Management Scott Beach, MD

11:00am to 11:45am Pneumonia: A Practical Approach in 2019 Benjamin Davis, MD

11:45am to 12:30pm What's New in Immunizations and Travel Medicine Regina Larocque, MD, MPH

12:30pm to 1:00pm Transition break

1:00pm to 2:00pm Working Lunch: CPC New England Journal of Medicine David Dudzinski, MD, JD

Lunch provided

2:00pm to 2:30pm Diagnostics in ID: A Rational Approach Sarah Turbett, MD

2:30pm to 3:15pm Skin/Soft Tissue Infections for the Clinician Sandra Bliss Nelson, MD

3:15pm to 4:00pm HIV/AIDS Update Martin Hirsch, MD

4:00pm to 4:15pm Break Refreshments provided

4:15pm to 5:00pm ID Cases: Panel and Interactive Session Raj Gandhi, MD

5:00pm to 5:45pm Antibiotics: What You Need to Know in 2019 Alyssa Letourneau, MD, MPH

5:45pm to 6:15pm Infections in the Immunocompromised Host Camille Kotton, MD

6:15pm to 7:00pm Update in Sexually Transmitted Diseases Donna Felsenstein, MD

Day 4

6:30am to 7:30am Continental Breakfast

7:00am to 7:30am Q & A with the Professors ID Faculty Moderated By Rocío Hurtado, MD, DTM&H

7:30am to 8:15am Breast Cancer Screening and Prevention in 2019 Katrina Armstrong, MD

8:15am to 9:00am Breast Cancer Management: What's New in the Field Irene Kuter, MD, DPhil

9:00am to 9:45am Coagulation I David Kuter, MD, DPhil

9:45am to 10:00am Break Refreshments provided

10:00am to 10:45am Anemia: A Case-Based Approach David Sykes, MD, PhD

10:45am to 11:30am Coagulation II David Kuter, MD, DPhil

11:30am to 12:15pm What You Need to Know about Immunotherapies in Oncology Kerry Reynolds, MD

12:15pm to 1:00pm Obesity Treatment in 2019: What's New Lee Kaplan, MD, PhD

1:00pm to 1:45pm Break for lunch*

1:45pm to 2:30pm Inflammatory Bowel Disease: An Update Ashwin Ananthakrishnan, MBBS, MPH

2:30pm to 3:15pm Viral Hepatitis Update Jules Dienstag, MD

3:15pm to 3:45pm Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: An Emerging Threat Kathleen Corey, MD, MPH

3:45pm to 4:30pm IBS: A Practical Approach to Treating Constipation and Diarrhea Braden Kuo, MD

4:30pm to 4:45pm Break Refreshments provided

4:45pm to 5:15pm What's New in Eosinophilic GI Disorders and Celiac Disease John Garber, MD

5:15pm to 6:00pm Update in Upper GI Tract Diseases Kyle Staller, MD, MPH

6:00pm to 6:30pm Colon Cancer Screening Update in 2019 Daniel Chung, MD

6:30pm to 7:00pm Clinical Pearls: How to Approach Abnormal Liver Function Tests Daniel Pratt, MD

7:00pm to 7:30pm Update in GI Malignancies in 2019 Janet Murphy, MD

Day 5

6:30am to 7:30am Continental Breakfast

7:00am to 7:30am Q & A with the Professors Oncology and GI Faculty

7:30am to 8:15am Best Approaches in the Evaluation of Patients with CAD Adolph Hutter, MD

8:15am to 9:00am Atrial Fibrillation and Ventricular Arrhythmias in 2019 Moussa Mansour, MD

9:00am to 9:45am Medical Management of CAD: What's New Adolph Hutter, MD

9:45am to 10:00am Break Refreshments provided

10:00am to 10:45am Update in Heart Failure Christopher Newton-Cheh, MD

10:45am to 11:15am Thoracic Aorta Disease Update Eric Isselbacher, MD

11:15am to 11:45am Peripheral Arterial Disease: What You Need to Know Michael Jaff, DO

11:45am to 12:15pm Transition break

12:15pm to 1:00pm Working Lunch: Q & A Session with Cardiology Cardiology Faculty Moderated by David Dudzinski, MD, JD

Lunch provided

1:00pm to 1:45pm Hyperlipidemia: Latest Concepts Mason Freeman, MD

1:45pm to 2:30pm Acute Coronary Syndrome in 2019 Marc Sabatine, MD, MPH

2:30pm to 3:15pm Current State of Hypertension Guidelines Randall Zusman, MD

3:15pm to 3:45pm Valvular Heart Disease: What's New Doreen Defaria Yeh, MD

3:45pm to 4:00pm Break Refreshments provided

4:00pm to 4:45pm Update in Perioperative Evaluations for the Clinician David Dudzinski, MD, JD

4:45pm to 5:15pm Tobacco Dependence: Best Management Strategies Nancy Rigotti, MD

5:15pm to 5:45pm Heart Disease in Women: Clinical Pearls Malissa Wood, MD

5:45pm to 6:15pm Exercise for Health: What's New in 2019 Meagan Wasfy, MD

6:15pm to 7:00pm Palliative Care Update Bethany-Rose Daubman, MD

Day 6

6:30am to 7:30am Continental Breakfast

7:00am to 7:45am Headaches and Stroke: Update for the Clinician Aneesh Singhal, MD

7:45am to 8:30am Mycobacterial Infections Rocío Hurtado, MD, DTM&H

8:30am to 9:15am Case Studies in Elderly Patients: Interactive Session Fadi Ramadan, MD

9:15am to 9:30am Break Refreshments provided

9:30am to 10:30am Update on Depression and Anxiety in 2019 Guy Maytal, MD

10:30am to 11:15am Pharmacokinetics and Dosing Considerations in Special Populations: Does One Size Fit All? Ronak Gandhi, PharmD, BCPS and Russel Roberts, PharmD, FCCM, BCCCP

11:15am to 12:00pm The Use of Opiates for Chronic Pain Management Gary Brenner, MD, PhD

12:00pm to 1:00pm Update in Addiction Medicine Michael Bierer, MD and Sarah Wakeman, MD

Optional Workshop: Treating Obesity in Internal Medicine: Strategies and Tools to Optimize Patient Care and Outcomes

1:45pm to 2:20pm The Relevant Science of Obesity: Setting the Stage for Greater Success Lee Kaplan, MD, PhD

2:20pm to 2:55pm Addressing Obesity in Internal Medicine: Enhancing Clinical Value, Preserving Operational Efficiency Lee Kaplan, MD, PhD

2:55pm to 3:30pm Lifestyle-Directed Anti-Obesity Therapy: Optimizing Engagement, Improving Outcomes Lee Kaplan, MD, PhD

3:30pm to 3:45pm Break Refreshments provided

3:45pm to 4:20pm Pharmacological Treatment of Obesity: Who, What and How? Lee Kaplan, MD, PhD

4:20pm to 5:00pm Surgical Treatment of Obesity: Who, What and When? Lee Kaplan, MD, PhD

Who should attend

  • Internists
  • Family Physicians
  • Medical Specialists
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Physician Assistants

...and other medical professionals who want a comprehensive review of Internal Medicine and its subspecialties



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