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XCPD-507 Strategic Marketing Intelligence

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About the course

The basis for any good marketing plan is intelligent market research. Marketing plans must be data-informed and customer-centric to be effective and valuable to an organization. However, organizations can easily be overwhelmed with this kind of customer information. The key is to sort valuable data from noise to craft an effective marketing strategy.

This course is designed to provide a foundational understanding of key topics in marketing research and intelligence- and illustrate ways that research can be used to solve marketing challenges. You will distinguish the differences between quantitative and qualitative research, and primary and secondary research. Participants will gain practical hands-on knowledge on how to develop, conduct, evaluate and present market research. This course will focus more on practical applications of key research topics rather than going in-depth on theory. Case studies will be used to illustrate the essential concepts and to demonstrate common mistakes and successes in marketing research design. You will also develop a project that will help you practice some of the concepts learned.

Course topics will include:

  • Industry overview and and potential careers
  • Uses of research and examples of successful and failed outcomes
  • Research methodologies and processes
  • Questionnaire design, development and deployment
  • Focus group guide development and execution
  • Sampling and statistical measurement
  • Development of a research agenda or initiative
  • Data analysis and reporting

Participants will learn:

  • Fundamental concepts and techniques for using research as a decision-making tool
  • How the research industry functions, its code of ethics, and its challenges
  • How to distinguish primary from secondary research and quantitative from qualitative methods
  • The role of surveying, focus groups, observation techniques, and market testing
  • The role of sampling and analysis techniques
  • How market research can be used to help support key marketing initiatives, including brand strategy, segmentation and ROI analysis
  • Industry jargon and types of information and measurement scales

Course Objectives

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize quantitative and qualitative research methods
  • Select and evaluate research suppliers
  • Determine how results are used
  • Design, write and test questionnaire and survey execution
  • Conduct focus group and/or personal interviews
  • Analyze data
  • Report and present actionable results

Course reviews

Available dates

This course has no confirmed dates in the future. Subscribe to be notified when it is offered.