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XBUS-507 Applied Data Science

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Course Details

Using real data sets from open source data repositories such as, the DC Open Data Catalog, and, students create a data product to address a real-world problem. Students work in a data science team to apply the data science pipeline (data ingestion, data munging and wrangling, computation and analysis, modeling and application, and reporting and visualization) to a real-world problem or issue. The course involves the practical application and presentation of concepts and tools learned during the core courses. All completed pieces of the project will be hosted online to help students build a data science project portfolio.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of the course, students will:

  • Apply the knowledge, skills, and abilities applicable to the data science pipeline to a real world problem and data set
  • Work in a data science team to create a data product
  • Present a completed project and product to faculty and peers
  • Build a data science project portfolio

Who should attend

Course prerequisites include: * A bachelor's degree or equivalent * Completion of at least two college-level math courses (e.g. statistics, calculus, etc.) * Successful completion of Data Story Telling (XBUS-506) * Basic familiarity with programming or a programming language * A laptop for class meetings and coursework


Kyle is a budding analyst in the field of data science. Having graduated from the Georgetown SCS Data Science certificate in 2015, his capstone data product was a flight recommender application. Currently he is a researcher and faculty at District Data Labs, focusing on the spring 2016 topic of e...