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XBUS-503 Data Ingestion and Wrangling

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Cleaning and formatting data, also known as “data wrangling,” are the most under appreciated yet time-consuming steps in the data science pipeline. In real world analyses, data wrangling can consume up to 80% of project time. During this course, students will learn and apply the Extract/ Transform/ Load (ETL) process used by professional data scientists to clean and prep data sets for analysis.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of the course, students will:

  • Understand the time commitment needed for data wrangling
  • Identify data sets that may be time-intensive to clean
  • Efficiently clean data sets of both structured and unstructured data to prepare for analysis
  • Apply the Extract/ Transform/ Load (ETL) process to a data set
  • Better estimate the time required for data wrangling tasks
University at Buffalo School of Management

Data Modeling and Dashboards Using Excel Power Tools (Data Modeling)

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May 14—Jun 11
5 daysModules info
Buffalo, New York, United States
USD 1095
USD 219 per day

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Develop skills to analyze data and create interactive data visualizations. Excel provides a set of tools that allow you to save time cleaning, formatting and importing data from a variety of sources. These tools also assist in creating and updating standard reports and dashboards to dynamically visualize data.

  • Get and Transform tool imports, cleans, formats and combines data from a variety of sources​.
  • Power Query takes the time and energy out of updating reports.
  • Power Pivot allows the user to create data models that make seamless connections between a variety of data sources.
  • Power View and Power Map create interactive dashboards that communicate the story of your data.