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Learning to thrive can help women leaders succeed despite the challenges they face. Discover how to become a more self-confident, emotionally intelligent, and resilient leader by improving your well-being. Learn how to boost levels of employee engagement and performance by creating a positive workplace where everyone is thriving. This workshop presents a model of well-being and describes how thriving impacts leadership success. Participants will learn well-being practices that can be used to enhance their leadership skills and optimize the performance of their teams.

Time Allocation - Topics

  • 15% Women and work
    • The challenges women leaders face
    • How women can succeed despite these challenges
  • 15% What is well-being and why does it matter?
    • The two dimensions of well-being: feeling good and doing good
    • How well-being enhances engagement and performance
  • 35% How to create a more positive workplace
    • Cultivate mindfulness for better decisions and greater emotional intelligence
    • Practice gratitude for a more positive outlook
    • Build hope to fuel motivation and inspire action
  • 35% How to foster a sense of meaning and purpose
    • Live with intention by doing what matters most
    • Develop strengths for optimal performance
    • Make a positive impact in order to experience work as a calling


  • Primary -- LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: Presence, Developmental Perspective, Interpersonal Relations
  • Secondary -- PLANNING/ORGANIZING: Generate and Obtain Plan Support
  • Tertiary -- EXECUTING/CONTROLLING/EVALUATING: Coordination, Follow-Up

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Beth Cabrera

Dr. Beth Cabrera shares the power of positivity and purpose through her research, writing, and speaking, helping organizations and individuals apply knowledge from the field of positive psychology to achieve greater success and well-being. Through her company Cabrera Insights, Beth works with org...


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