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Winning Skills and Tools for Negotiation

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About the course

Negotiation is a pervasive activity that permeates all spheres of human endeavour. Particularly, within the realms of international relations, labour management relations, international and domestic trade, equipment sourcing, peacemaking with host communities, marketing of organisational products/services and the development of various forms of strategic alliances etc; negotiation becomes a compulsory activity that people must undertake. However, people tend to be confronted with various forms of negotiation encounters that necessitate the adoption of different negotiation styles and strategies. Therefore, in order to produce the desired outcomes of negotiation, people must be able to deploy the requisite skills and competencies required for resolving the exigencies of a given negotiation encounter.

This seminar introduces participants to the fundamentals of negotiating successfully across certain contexts of their personal or organisational life. Negotiation shall be understood as both an art and a science. Participants will be exposed to principled negotiation that was developed by the Harvard University Programme and other valid frames of reference for negotiating. Strong emphasis will be given to the importance of communication skills in the negotiation process as well as the ability to examine facts and figures for the purpose of grasping their significance for the particular deal that is being negotiated. The seminar has been designed for participants whose responsibilities demand that they engage in frequent negotiations. It includes practical exercises.

Programme Curriculum

  • Preparing for Negotiation: Understanding the Scientific Side of Negotiation
  • The Conceptual and Strategic Framework for Negotiating
  • Claiming of Value in buyers- Sellers’ Negotiations
  • Creation of Value in buyers-sellers’ Negotiations
  • Negotiating with Banks
  • Negotiating with Host Communities
  • Negotiating Career Advancement
  • Negotiating with Unions
  • Psychology of Negotiation: Mental Roadblocks to Creating Value in Negotiation
  • Negotiation Techniques and Ploys
  • Negotiation Process
  • Negotiation Styles

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Provides a conceptual and strategic framework in preparing for different negotiation encounters.
  • Navigates the psychology of negotiation.
  • Hone communication skills during negotiation.
  • Presents a lucid understanding of the negotiation process
  • Sheds light on all forms of negotiation styles that could be adopted in various situations.
  • Protects participants from falling prey to the negotiation ploys and tactics of other parties.

Who should attend

  • Material/Equipment Procurement officers.
  • Trade Union officers.
  • HR managers that negotiate with unions.
  • Public relations officers that have the responsibility of resolving external organisational conflicts.
  • Lawyers
  • Marketing/Sales personnel.
  • Negotiators with banks.
  • Others that are often engaged in varied forms of negotiation.

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