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Who should attend

  • You are done with junior positions at venture capital firms, and want a promotion
  • You have decided to go solo and raise a venture capital fund yourself
  • You want to understand the nuts and bolts of a venture capital firm’s operations,
  • whether you are a co-investor, limited partner, professional, or entrepreneur

About the course

The Venture Capital Executive Program is our flagship program, and has been created as a handbook that you can turn to in your daily practice. We constantly update it with new case studies, regulation changes, and advice from seasoned venture capitalists, professionals, and other practitioners.

It covers the entire process of venture investing from self-identification as an investor, raising and operating a venture capital fund, building and harvesting a portfolio of investments, and finally, exiting and liquidating venture capital funds.


  • bolster your personal investor profile and industry presence to increase visibility
  • upskill yourself in networking for the purpose of creating your proprietary deal flow
  • understand portfolio construction principles
  • create an investment thesis for your venture capital fund
  • prepare the necessary presentations and legal documents for pitching to institutional investors
  • introduce yourself to your potential limited partners using our directory of institutional investors
  • develop your leadership qualities, in order to manage a venture capital firm
  • learn to do due diligence according to the best practices
  • become proficient in determining valuation and prepared to negotiate deal terms
  • build a diversified investment portfolio
  • identify and measure impact created by your portfolio companies
  • grasp how to support portfolio companies and analyze their performance
  • optimize your relationship with founders to become startups’ most valuable asset
  • design your portfolio model and draft return scenarios
  • harvest your investments and develop efficient management tools
  • tune the daily operations of a venture capital fund
  • establish procedures for strengthening your relationships with your limited partners


First — knowledge is an asset. We built the Venture Capital Executive Program to be an asset in your daily venture investing practices. It will become a structured foundation for your success, which you will enrich with your personal experience. The Venture Capital Executive Program is our attempt to establish a standard for education in venture capital investing. The program combines the necessary formal knowledge, informal best practices collected from around the world, and instruments for your further development as an investor. This will be the first bluebook on venture capital and will also be available online.

Second — the method and approach. The core of the program is the proprietary teaching methodology developed by neuroscientists, which will help you to memorize the most important lessons, develop critical habits, and achieve measurable results in as soon as 30, 60, and 90 days. This Program, however, is also focused on developing your curiosity, and aims to encourage you to conduct your own discovery during and after the learning process. To achieve better learning results, we recommend that you follow our study plan. However, we realize that you may need a personalized schedule, and will try our best to seamlessly embed in your daily workload.

Third — work in virtual teams * . If you commit to following our schedule, you’ll be able to join a team of other students and follow the entire process of establishing a virtual VC firm, create an investment thesis for your VC fund and prepare the full package of documents for pitching them, construct your portfolio, source deals and evaluate potential investment opportunities, negotiate deal terms, and also reinforce your industry presence.


Lisa Suennen

Education M.A., Political Science, University of California, Berkeley B.A., Mass Communications, University of California, Berkeley—Summa cum laude B.A., Political Science, University of California, Berkeley—Summa cum Laude     Positions Held At Haas since 2010 2014 – present, Managing Partner, ...

Rik Willard

Rik Willard is the Founder and Managing Director of Agentic Group, a federation of dozens of blockchain and related companies throughout the world. The company is headquartered in New York City. The mission of Agentic Group is to promote and sustain the blockchain ecosystem through education, co...

Cynthia Ringo

Cynthia Ringo is a Senior Partner of DBL Partners, and a Managing Partner of a prior fund managed under DBL Investors. Ms. Ringo currently sits on the board of directors of The RealReal, Urbansitter, Brainscope, Maiyet, RubyRibbon and Siva Power, and works with View, Yerdle, Kateeva and Apeel Sci...

Leonard Grayver

Leonard Grayver joined the firm in 2002, and co-chairs the firm's Emerging Company and International Business Transactions practice groups. He is fluent in Russian, and many of his international clients are from Russia, Ukraine and the former Soviet Union. He is the co-founder of the Eastern Euro...

Renata George

Renata George is an entrepreneur turned VC. She currently works in corporate venturing. Aside from operating a venture fund, Renata makes venture capital education more accessible, and is passionate about advancing women and representatives of minority groups in the venture capital industry. She...

Danielle Strachman

Danielle Strachman (General Partner) - Danielle is a cofounder and general partner of 1517. She has worked with young entrepreneurs for about a decade. In 2010, during the founding of the Thiel Fellowship, Danielle joined to lead the design and operations. She's worked with some of the most prest...

Geoffrey Baehr

Geoffrey Baehr is a General Partner at Almaz Capital investing in areas ranging from security and networking to analytics and big data technologies. Being a top-level technological expert Geoffrey evaluates technical merit of startups and plays a role of in-house CTO. He is currently working on...

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Venture Capital Executive Program at VC Academy

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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