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User Experience lab

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Next dates

May 15—17
3 days
Stockholm, Sweden
SEK 24500 ≈USD 2649
SEK 8166 per day
Jul 3—5
3 days
London, United Kingdom
USD 1950
USD 650 per day
Oct 17—18
2 days
São Paulo, Brazil
USD 1800
USD 900 per day


Lear how to design impactful user journeys

Explore the mechanics of designing impactful user journeys over three intensive days. You’ll build your knowledge as you work through a real business challenge. Regardless of if you’re a digital expert or new to design, our experienced team will support you at every level.

Get the understanding

Analyse behaviours. Observe how your consumers interact with technology and digital environments. Explore the decision making processes powering the consumer journey to your product or service.

Expand your network

You'll collaborate with peers and multidisciplinary professionals on a real business challenge. That will help you to develop the skills that designers need to make good strategic decisions.

Gain the competence

Test and evaluate the quality of user experience. Learn how to relate your business objectives to the user needs. You'll learn transferable skills that can be directly applied to your own business, workplace and career.

What you'll learn

You'll learn to be a better designer. Practice how to finely balance your customer's needs with the demands of your business. Create value for both.

We'll cover all the bases for you to expand your knowledge. We will stretch you to explore new tools within user experience. Encourage you to test theories on real scenarios. You'll get tangible takeaways on all levels. From mindset, design theories, to cases, practical tools and methods you can apply directly at work.

Explore Human-centred Design Thinking

Grow your confidence in the theory and implementation of a design thinking approach.

Empathise with your Customer

Learn to understand behaviours, characteristics and motivations of your customers. Explore user research tools. Persona mapping.

Customer Journey Mapping

Observe and understand what powers your users toward an intended goal or scenario. Mapping needs and scenarios over their journey.

Prototype your Ideas

Build storyboards, scenarios and wireframes to develop user experiences. Experiment and test ideas with rapid prototypes. Innovate through Technology Explore global trends in digital interface design. Discover technical ideas in responsive design. Design for multi platform experiences.

Take it Beyond the Team

Understand value of user experience design and how to bring clients and colleagues along the journey with you.

How you'll learn

This course will be a high energy and hands-on course held over a three day period. Expect to spend 7-8 hours per day.

Learn with Trusted Practitioners

A chance to get real-life insights from practitioners who will support you in adapting your mindset and skills in design.

Renowned Learning Methodology

Experience methodology that focuses on team collaboration instead of individual effort, and challenges you to grow personally and professionally.

Solve a Real-life Business Challenge

You'll gain hands on experience and direct knowledge of working on a real brief for a real client.

Practical Workshops and Speaker Sessions

Sessions with course leaders to troubleshoot your hurdles and support your progress. Workshops to experiment and explore peer based learning.


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Detailed Description
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