True Drivers of Performance – Work Smarter, Reduce Stress, Lead by Example

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We all want to be more productive and deliver our best results. Managing it all is hard, and leading in today's hyper-paced world is even harder. Cut through the complexities and excuses to start realizing real gains simply by changing one thing: the way you make decisions. Quickly begin to use the time you have each day to move your business and life forward, make decisions that yield better results, waste less time, reduce stress and regain balance. Learn how great decision-making habits yield a lifetime of accomplishments.

## Time Allocation - Topics

25% Prioritizing for Results

  • Focus on results and the true drivers of performance.
  • One question to prioritize more effectively.
  • Improve and lead the business, don’t just manage it.
  • Manage work delegated to others.

15% Strategic Planning

  • What to plan daily vs. weekly vs. monthly.
  • Swift execution (planning and speed).
  • Defending the plan.
  • How to regain critical planning and personal time.

10% Personal Leadership & Goal Achievement

  • Stay balanced and prevent burnout.
  • Be decisive at the right time and with the right decisions.
  • Inspire, motivate and lead others.
  • Know when to stop and when to charge ahead.

15% Proactive vs. Reactive

  • End procrastination of high quality work.
  • Switch from using adrenaline to endorphins to complete difficult or unpleasant tasks.
  • Manage and get the most out of procrastinators.
  • Drive a proactive culture into your business.

5% Managing Interruptions

  • Keep a two minute interruption to two minutes without harming the relationship.
  • Prevent unnecessary interruptions.
  • Establish rules and expectations you implement company wide.

25% The Skills of Great Execution

  • Manage tasks, appointments, contacts and notes more efficiently.
  • Get all commitments in one system and track them from anywhere.
  • Set and forget future tasks.
  • Spend less time logging, delegating and following up.

5% Managerial & Executive Level Delegation

  • Why delegate.
  • How to delegate effectively.
  • Opportunity cost of not delegating.
  • Return on investment to the business of great delegation.

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