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About the course

What Is An Executive Immersion Program?

Healthcare needs to transform to move into the 21st century, with digital playing a vital role in that change. Care is becoming more customer-centric, with wearables, cloud technologies and artificial intelligence giving individuals more control and transparency over their own health outcomes than ever before. A new wave of startups is building the innovative products and services to drive this change forward, in the process pushing down costs and delivering a better, more convenient patient experience.

Our immersion program will educate you in all of these trends, connect you with the companies pioneering groundbreaking solutions and inspire you to turn your own organization into a leading innovator for the long-term.

What Will I Learn?

Our immersion program is made up of sessions with leading companies operating at the forefront of major healthtech trends such as:

Diabetes Management

Diabetes management is among the most innovative fields in the healthcare sector, with a range of companies in the space building products and services to help people manage the condition. Omada Heath focuses on remote behavioral counselling to motivate changes in lifestyle. Glooko, meanwhile, is an insights platform for diabetes that supplies personalized information, while Intuity Medical develops blood glucose monitoring systems for diabetes management. Intuity Medical, Omada Health, Glooko, Bigfoot Biomedical, iHealth Labs, Calibra Medical, Asante Solutions


In the pharmaceuticals space innovations abound as a crop of startups vie to create and bring to market new drugs. TwoXAR is an artificial-intelligence drug discovery company while Tricida is a late-stage pharmaceutical company developing and commercializing a drug to fight kidney disease. PaxVax, meanwhile, is a vaccine startup developing oral vaccines that overcome the delivery hurdles of traditional injectable vaccines.

Medical Devices

Nanotechnology, artificial intelligence and robotics are all coming together to create the next generation of medical devices. Whereas Onera builds wearables to combat sleep-related ailments, Notable is using natural language processing and voice recognition to automate and digitize physician-patient interactions. Zipline Medical, meanwhile, a startup with $56 miilion in venture funding, is developing and commercializing innovative tissue repair devices.


Wellness has become one of the fastest-growing trends in the health sector, with more and more early-stage companies catering to this market. Among them is Modern Health, a mental health platform for employers that want to reduce burnout and prevent staff turnover. Headspace is another startup in the wellness vertical; the company offers guided meditation sessions and mindfulness training. Livongo, meanwhile, is a digital health company that offers users real-time, personalized insights and support to help manage chronic conditions.

Program Agenda

This Schedule Is Tentative And Features Past Speakers And Participating Companies.

Subject To Change Without Prior Notice


What is healthtech and where is it taking us? Why is it exploding now and what are the forces driving its expansion? These are the questions we answer on day 1 of our immersion program on The Future of Healthcare. We explain how startups have capitalized on demographic trends, new technologies and the ready availability of venture funding to create companies reimagining healthcare for the 21st century. We see these dynamics in practice with visits to companies such as Heartflow, a developer of software for cardiovascular applications, Helix, a genomics specialist connecting people to their DNA, and Neurotrack, a leader in the diagnosis and prevention of memory loss. Other possible participating companies: Nektar Therapeutics, Notable Labs, Qventus, Intuity Medical, Bigfoot Biomedical


The journey continues on day two with an exploration of the limits of the healthtech space as they exist today. How many areas of healthcare are being disrupted? What is the nature of this change and how fast is it moving? We answer these questions through visits to startups operating in a wide range of niches. Possible visits include Althleas, a deep learning company for biotech, Apixio, a data science for healthcare startup, and Carrot, which seeks to empower people to quit smoking. Other possible participating companies: SymphonyRM, Ajax Health, Evidation Health, Athos, Truepill


Day three of the immersion program is dedicated to the technologies fueling the disruption of the healthcare sector. We hear from experts in artificial intelligence and machine learning, robotics and biosensors to learn what these technologies can currently do and what they will offer in the future. We visit companies such as Suki, makers of a voice-based digital assistant for doctors, Lark, a digital health company using AI and clinical science to help users manage chronic diseases, and Lumiata, an AI-powered predictive analytics platform for healthcare cost and risk prediction. Other possible participating companies: Moov, Notable, NeuroPace, Vital Connect, Innit


Having seen and heard how digital is disrupting healthcare on days 1 to 3, on day 4 of our immersion program we challenge attendees to turn words into action. Participatory workshops with leading Silicon Valley experts on design thinking, design sprints, venture capital and open innovation provide executives with the blueprints and frameworks they need to execute on innovation within their own organization. We look at how digital is rebuilding healthcare to become more customer-centric, how emerging technologies are helping overcome regulatory barriers and data privacy issues, and how a focus on prevention and access is shaping the agenda for a new wave of healthtech startups. Visits include companies such as HealthCrowd, a communications platform for healthcare, OptiScan, developers of automated, bedside glucose monitors, and CareSkore, a web and mobile platform that uses AI for patient engagement. Other possible participating companies: Viewics, Fit3D, Kodiak, Avinger, Optovue, Fundly


What’s next for Healthtech? Day 5 brings the program to a close with its sights firmly set on the future. We learn about market trends still in their infancy and meet the companies seeking to capitalize on those trends. Meetings include companies such as Graftworkx, makers of smart wearables and implantables that automatically transfer data to clinicians, Deepcell, a startup developing non-invasive genetic tests, and Lifesignals, builders of wearable biosensor technologies. We discuss which areas of the healthcare sector are next in line for the application of emerging technology to reimagine the patient experience. Other possible participating companies: Scribelink, Antheia, Kurbo Health, Basehealth, Shopwell, Quanttus

Why Should I Join?


Meet the Silicon Valley innovators passionate about using the latest technologies to create new value. Learn the frameworks and methodologies of the experts and embrace innovation with confidence.

Long-term value

Apply newly learned innovation skills to your own company to ensure its survival and prosperity in times of technological disruption.


Turn motivation and knowledge into concrete actions with the business development opportunities that make an established business a world-class innovator.

Technology insights

See the disruptive power of the latest technologies and learn how they are being applied to solve humanity’s greatest challenges.


Gain insight into the digital disruption of consumer packaged goods and see how startups are applying emerging technologies to redesign how, where and what we buy.

New perspectives

Challenge your thinking on what it means to run an enterprise in the 21st century. Make innovation part of your personal mission and commit to the future of your business.

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Transforming the Healthcare Industry at Silicon Valley Innovation Center

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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