Time Management Skills

Sauder School of Business

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  • 1 day
  • online

Sauder School of Business


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Who should attend

Professionals at all levels seeking to manage their time more efficiently and effectively.

About the course

Making the Most of Your Time Proactively

In today’s changing workplace, effective time management skills are essential for success. Demanding workloads, working remotely, adapting to new norms, mastering digital technology, conversing with diverse people, and juggling conflicting priorities all require you to make the most of your time by managing it well.

This program explores proven time management solutions to help you make the most of every day, regardless of how and where you work. Accomplish more by becoming less reactive and more proactive. Make better time allocation decisions and overcome self-defeating habits. Apply a variety of time-saving techniques that put you in better control of work scheduling and execution.

We recommend taking this course in conjunction with our popular Increasing Your Productivity program.

Online program format

This one-day program includes facilitator-led online sessions in real time, with ample breaks provided. Sessions are highly interactive, enabling you to network with peers, brainstorm ideas, practice new skills in virtual breakout rooms and receive constructive feedback. You will also have access to activities, checklists and templates that you can review at any time.

Benefits for you

  • Gain new insights about your time management strengths and gaps
  • Self-manage negative habits that interfere with your time management effectiveness
  • Develop positive habits and rituals essential to successful time management
  • Become more systematic and disciplined about planning and organizing your time
  • Manage multiple demands and time conflicts more proactively
  • Apply a variety of time-saving techniques to your daily activities for peak efficiency and performance
  • Make the most of your time wherever you work: remotely from home, virtually with teams, in an office or anywhere else

Program content

Module 1: Time Management Perspectives

  • Viewing time from a cultural perspective: time management myths and realities
  • The four different styles of managing time
  • Tips and guidelines from each style for effective time management
  • Identifying your own expectations and approaches to time management

Module 2: Planning Your Time Proactively

  • Top secrets of effective time management planning
  • Applying a proven planning method to focus on what is most important
  • Anchoring your focus: planning outcomes vs. details
  • Tips for ensuring that your priorities align with your planning focus

Module 3: Prioritizing What Needs to Be Done

  • Systems for prioritizing: there are better alternatives than a “to-do” list!
  • Applying a proven method to chart and prioritize a project
  • Tips and techniques for managing your priority system proactively
  • Strategies for managing priority conflicts and changes
  • Using technology to record, track and monitor priorities for yourself and others

Module 4: Organizing and Executing Efficiently

  • Self-managing time robbers like procrastination, interruptions and disorganization
  • Executing tasks more efficiently when multi-tasking
  • Organizing your workspace, documents and scheduling allocation for faster access and retrieval
  • Working smarter, not harder: time-saving tips for organizing and executing tasks

Special features

You will receive time management templates for managing priorities, and tools for more proactive time management.


Gail Levitt

Gail Levitt, president of Levitt Communications Inc., is an influential leadership facilitator, coach and mentor with a unique approach that engages and inspires participants to learn and apply both theory and practice for peak performance. Gail offers a wide range of influential leadership topic...

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Time Management Skills at Sauder School of Business

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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