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Jan 22, 2020
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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May 27, 2020
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
CAD 995 ≈USD 777
CAD 995 per day


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About the course

Making the Most of Your Time Proactively

This course explores proven time management solutions to help you make the most of every day. Accomplish more by becoming less reactive and more proactive. Make better time allocation decisions, and overcome self-defeating time management habits. Apply a variety of time-saving techniques that put you in better control of work scheduling and execution.


  • Apply a variety of time-saving techniques to your daily activities
  • Self-manage negative habits that interfere with your time management effectiveness
  • Develop a more disciplined approach to how you schedule your time
  • Assess gaps and required changes in your time management approach
  • Manage multiple priorities and time conflicts more proactively
  • Feel more in control of your time when faced with multi-tasking challenges

Program content

  • How healthy teamwork shapes the future of the organization
  • Selecting the best team structure for your circumstances
  • Assessing the team’s effectiveness
  • Increasing ownership and accountability by improving your measurement system
  • Leadership tools for delegating, motivating and empowering
  • Encouraging and rewarding improved performance
  • Building trust, consensus and loyalty
  • Resolving conflict and dealing with naysayers
  • Strategies for quickly turning morale around
  • Creating understanding and good teamwork between people of different generations
  • Identifying, building and engaging talent
  • Developing the next generation
  • Managing change as smoothly and efficiently as possible
  • Dealing with stress and ambiguity – for yourself, as well as for others

Special features

  • Time management templates for tracking and scheduling priorities
  • Resource book on time management
  • Checklists and tools for more proactive time management

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Gail Levitt

Biography Gail is one of Canada’s most experienced negotiators and professional instructors in the field of business negotiating and innovative negotiated solutions. She is a Harvard University trained specialist in both collaborative and competitive bargaining methods, and facilitates negotiati...


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