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About the course


A hybrid learning experience designed for existing or new individuals interested in becoming entrepreneurs. Discover the strategic tools, concepts and perspectives that will allow you to come up with an investable startup.


90% of Startups fail in their first year. We have developed the most successful Startup Course to help first-time founders launch their startup and raise money with our research-backed blueprint. Our students have raised over a $1 Billion dollars in investment over the past 10 years. The curriculum is designed to help you avoid common mistakes entrepreneurs make, test your entrepreneurial appetite, help you turn customer problems into opportunities, create the perfect pitch with clear asks to raise your first or next round of investment and allow you to leverage digital to create competitive advantage. The Startup Course has been taught and delivered in some of the top global business schools such as - INSEAD Business School, Ivey Business School, Tsinghua University and IIT Mumbai.

The Startup Course was an amazing experience, and it was great to have the time to think through all the key aspects of our venture and key strategic aspects on which we should focus

Sundeep Sahni, Co-founder, Lazada, acquired by Alibaba for $1.2 Billion.

Program Highlights & Benefits

  • Our programs are expressly designed to fit the lives of insanely busy professionals like you. Get from idea to investable business in as little as 48 hours.
  • Get lifelong access to our exclusive Online Learning Environment. Find all our up-to-date course materials at any time!
  • A virtual experience with no relocation or expensive in-classroom fees. We provide 24/7 support through an exclusive Zoom and Slack channel.
  • Develop personal, actionable plans to address the strategy, organization, and innovation-based opportunities that you face.
  • We will help you master your pitch through constant interaction and helpful feedback. If we like your idea, we will fund it.
  • Get your certificate of completion upon graduation and join our growing community of alumni on LinkedIn.


The Startup Course is an open enrollment program and is delivered through an online learning environment and an exclusive slack channel featuring monthly virtual office hours with the faculty and a 1 on 1 executive coaching assessment session.

What you learn

  • Building the Right Foundation: Learn the critical first steps that you need to address to ensure you give your startup the best chance of success.
  • Thinking Big: Learn to dream big but in practical ways, giving your startup a bigger purpose than its first offering.
  • Value Proposition: Learn to design an offering that your customers believe in and want.
  • Assessing the Market: Learn how to better identify your market and customers.
  • Minimum Viable Product: Learn how to create an MVP the right way and why pivoting can be a good idea.
  • Customer Development Process: Learn how to discover and validate the right market for your idea, building the right product features that solve customers' needs.
  • Execution Modeling: Learn how to prioritize and present execution detail to your team and investors.
  • Financial Modeling: Learn to read & present financial numbers confidently that are critical.
  • Fundable Event Timelines & Exit: Learn to plot the value impact of your Startup's activities, how to evaluate and when to exit.
  • Teams, Boards & Founderitis: Learn to pick a winning team, create the right culture & fill your board with the right people.
  • Getting Investment: Learn to be an assertive entrepreneur by approaching "The Ask" & "Call to Action" for investment.
  • Elevator Pitching: Learn to create a powerful pitch that captivates your audience within the first few seconds.
  • Executive Summary: Learn how to capture your investor's attention within a few seconds by crafting the right story.

Transform The Way You Learn

An interactive and realistic experience that encourages the entire cohort to learn, inspire and reciprocate. Get access to our exclusive Slack channel and connect with Alumni from previous courses. We use Slack bots to improve motivation and completion rates

Who should attend

The Startup Course is designed for determined individuals seeking to jumpstart their entrepreneurial venture and for founders or business owners seeking to pivot, scale and/or raise capital for their business/startup. This course is also suitable for active angel investors and those who are interested in becoming professional angel investors and looking to learn the nuts and bolts of running a startup

Trust the experts

Paul Kewene Hite

Paul is multiple time winner of the INSEAD Dean’s Award for Excellence in Teaching. He is the creator of INSEAD’s Startup bootcamp. Paul teaches entrepreneurship courses and is the lead professor on INSEAD’s popular elective "Your First Hundred Days" which teaches students how to turn around a fa...


Ash Singh

Ash Singh is a visiting Professor of Entrepreneurship at the INSEAD Business School (ranked #1 international business school by Financial Times) and the Ivey Business School (ranked #1 international business school by Business Week). The graduates from his course "Startup Bootcamp" have gone on t...


Peter M. Dingle

Peter has nearly 20 years of experience in building multi-billion dollar corporate businesses in Asia. He is currently the Global Head of Innovation at HSBC's RBWM Digital. He has successfully developed, launched and managed multiple 100M+ products across Asia for Intel Semiconductor and has held...


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