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Nov 13, 2019
Pasadena, California, United States
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About the course

Leadership presence is a blending of personal and interpersonal skills that send all the right signals. It's how you show up and contribute in meetings. It's projecting confidence and keeping your poise under pressure. It's presenting ideas in ways that increase your credibility. It's deepening relationships through empathy and optimism. It's body language that makes you look like a leader. It's self-promotion without arrogance. It's the ability to bring your authentic best self into every encounter.

Leadership presence sets you up for the next promotion and gives your career that extra boost.

That's what it is. Here is what it's not: It's not an attribute that is automatically assigned to you because of your title, potential, expertise, or business results.

Instead, leadership presence depends entirely on how other people evaluate you -- and women face unique external and internal challenges when it comes to being perceived as leaders. While you don't have total control over people's perception, you have more control than you think.

Backed by research from Harvard, Stanford, UCLA, MIT Media Lab, and Columbia School of Business, this highly interactive and engaging program, offers tips, tools, and strategies for projecting leadership presence that are powerful, effective, and can be put into practice immediately.

Participants need to bring their mobile phones to the session.

Time allocation - topics

15% intro: background, and session overview

  • How women add value: reviewing the financial, collaborative, and creative benefits you bring to your organization
  • The unique challenges women face (both externally and internally) when it comes to projecting leadership presence

10% it’s all about you

  • Aligning people’s impression of you with your best authentic self
  • Short video on your mobile phone
  • Setting your personal goals

25% the five skills of leadership presence

  • Credibility: communication tips for increased impact and influence
  • Confidence: what blocks it, how it’s built, and how it’s evaluated
  • Connection: the #1 communication skill that drives leadership performance
  • Composure: strategies for keeping your poise under pressure
  • Charisma: the secret to displaying your natural magnetism and charm

25% body language for women who lead

  • The lasting power of a first impression - and how to make the most of it
  • The two sets of nonverbal signals that people look for in leaders
  • How to avoid the biggest nonverbal traps that rob women of leadership presence
  • Mastering the perfect business handshake
  • Reading the nonverbal cues of others to find out what people really think

15% self-promotion without looking self-serving

  • Why visibility is even more important for women
  • Building and leveraging your networks
  • The art of the intro -- and other tips for strengthening your “elevator speech”
  • Showcasing your leadership presence when making presentations

10% wrap up

  • Final short video on your mobile phone
  • Revisiting your goals
  • Taking the next step to increase your leadership presence


  • Primary - leadership development:

Communication, decisiveness, empathy, initiative, interpersonal relations, self-management

  • Secondary - executing/controlling/evaluating:

Decision making, use of authority, direction, guidance, follow-up, results analysis, evaluation

  • Tertiary - planning/organizing:

Problem identification, analysis, evaluating alternative solutions, developing specific plans, generate and obtain plan support

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Carol Kinsey Goman

Carol Kinsey Goman, Ph.D., helps executives, managers, entrepreneurs, team leaders, and sales professionals build stronger influence and impact skills. She is a sought-after international speaker who has keynoted at hundreds of business meetings, association conferences, government agencies, and ...


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