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Mathew Regan, General Manager - Corporate Services, CBH Group, Australia
Jul 8—12
5 days
San Mateo, California, USA
USD 10000
USD 2000 per day
Oct 14—18
5 days
San Mateo, California, USA
USD 10000
USD 2000 per day
Jan 13—17, 2020
5 days
San Mateo, California, United States
USD 10000
USD 2000 per day
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How it works


One-of-a-kind opportunity to learn directly from the Silicon Valley insiders about the latest trends in InsurTech. Designed specifically for insurance executives, the program includes 5 full days of immersive experience with the most innovative startups, industry leaders and experts who will give you exclusive insights into the technology driven transformation of insurance industry.

What Will I Learn?

Topics Covered

  • Digital Insurance Discover new trends and innovations, learn the power of digital insurer and how they are creating a unique customer experience through combination of new digital technologies and business models.
  • Genetics Learn about new VR/AR solutions for insurance industry and discover how big companies utilize AR and VR technologies to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of insurance businesses by using real time information for claims adjusters, 3d modelling and simulations.
  • Blockchain Discover blockchain use in insurance industry, such as reliable platform for customer-controlled personal data, peer-to-peer (P2P) insurances, and smart contracts.
  • Micro Insurance & Usage Based Insurance Learn how microinsurance provides highly personalized products to meet consumers’ specific expectations by forming and enabling new business models. Explore the sharing economy and new firms enabling insurance on a usage-based model.
  • Artificial Intelligence Learn how Artificial Intelligence can improve existing efficiency by automating underwriting and claims processes, by increasing customer engagement and improving retention.
  • Smart Devices, IoT & Digital Imaging Explore how smart devices, IoT technology, home sensors and drones are supporting insurance firms with the most relevant data that can reduce costs, provide customer and insurer efficiencies, and create a consistent experience across all touch points.

Sample Agenda


To spend money on insurance, people need to have a stable income today and perceive a predictable risk in the future. Accelerating job automation though makes employment unpredictable. More and more full-time workers convert into contractors. People are increasingly engaged in the sharing economy to create some extra income. Hear about the future of the insurance industry from prominent Venture Capital firms investing in InsurTech, learn from research organizations and experts about the ongoing industry transformation.


The next generation consumers will rely on real time interaction and ease of access from mobile phones. The digital ecosystems surrounding these consumers provide huge sources of data and information. Meet with the rapidly growing InsurTech companies, such as Limelight Health, Clover Health, Embroker, Sureify to learn about their vision for the next wave of customer engagement and experience, the technology enabling it, and what it takes to bring it to life.


Insurance companies worldwide are increasingly using digital tools and new technologies in very innovative ways. Meet with the next generation of InsurTech startups, such as NeuroSky, Gen Life, Stride Health, Actian, newer technologies and concepts (microinsurance, usage-based insurance, and peer-to-peer insurance, machine learning, robo-advisory, IoT, drones, digital imaging) are already being used by them to solve real business problems.


P2P insurance as a business model is already being offered using standard technology, blockchain makes it even more transparent and trustworthy for consumers as no central authority controls its operation. InsurTech and digital convergence are creating a new generation of interconnected business distribution models, solutions and services, creating new opportunities across life, health, auto, home, commercial, and business lines. Learn from Metromile, Trov, and Zendrive about the next gen business models and services and how will they connect with digital ecosystems.


Hear from the leaders of established companies such as SwissRe, AIG Lab, State Farm case studies on successfully implementing various corporate innovation strategies and find out their approaches to digital transformation, building an innovation labs and hear their success stories on how to successfully engage with startups.

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