The Changing Rules of Strategy – New Mindsets for a New World

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In this session, Professor Hewitt will present a practical model of disruptive foresight. This will enable participants to do five key things: (1) spot and decipher early signals of competitive disruption in their industry; (2) analyse the forces driving disruption and their likely consequences; (3) consider realistic strategic options to benefit from disruption; (4) ensure the organization acquires the capabilities to handle game-changing challenges; (5) drive a deep mind set shift throughout the organization, well beyond the legacy of traditional change management models. In order to take on these challenges, Professor Hewitt will provide “new game” ways of (1) drawing a more relevant map of their competitive arena, and the identity of new game competitors; (2) developing a more accurate scorecard of competitive performance, especially when market share is not a reliable indicator of influence share; getting beyond SWOT and industry positioning, and developing new game methods of doing strategy; (3) enabling the organization to treat disruption as an opportunity rather than a threat; (4) creating new mind sets for new competitive games, rather than better processes for existing games

Time Allocation - Topics

  • 25% The New Competitive Landscape - how market volatility and complexity are changing the old competitive "game and rules".
  • 25% New Demands on Strategy - gaining credibility for strategy in a volatile world.
  • 25% The "Internal Governance" Dilemma - resolving tensions between the "silos" in the modern corporation.
  • 25% Thinking the Role and Value Added of Senior Management - the new ground rules of strategic renewal.


Primary -- PLANNING/ORGANIZING: Problem Identification, Selecting and Organizing Information, Analysis, Evaluating Alternative Solutions, Developing Specific Plans

Secondary -- LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: Adaptability, Commitment, Creativeness, Initiative, Judgment, Timing

Tertiary -- EXECUTING/CONTROLLING/EVALUATING: Decision Making, Direction, Coordination, Evaluation

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Gordon Hewitt

Professor Gordon Hewitt CBE, FRSE is Adjunct Professor of Business Administration, and formerly Distinguished Visiting Professor of International Business and Corporate Strategy, at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan. His interests cover the fields of global competition, corporat...


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