The 13 Behaviors of High-Trust Leaders

American Management Association

How long?

  • 2 days
  • online, in person

What are the topics?

American Management Association


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Who should attend

Those in a leadership position who wish to increase speed and decrease costs by creating and working in a culture of high trust.

About the course

Every interaction, project and initiative is affected positively or negatively by trust. Trust multiplies performance, but when there is a lack of trust, everything you do takes more time and costs more money. Relationships decay, projects fail, customers go to competitors and initiatives under-perform. Attend this highly interactive seminar for leaders and gain invaluable tools to increase your personal credibility, and learn to practice 13 specific behaviors that increase trust.

When you successfully apply these tools, you’ll be better able to manage change and lead high-performing teams that are agile, collaborative, innovative and engaged. By attending this course, you will discover how to engage your team in a completely different way and help them be more committed and accountable to results.

How You Will Benefit

  • Build your own case for trust
  • Increase your personal credibility
  • Behave in ways that inspire trust
  • Align your team, symbols, systems and processes with principles of high trust
  • Improve your team’s reputation
  • Make a positive contribution to their world

What You Will Cover


  • Quantifying the specific "Trust Taxes" that are affecting your current projects and initiatives
  • Identifying the behaviors that slow speed and increase costs in your work environment
  • Learning the three dimensions of creating trust
  • Creating a customized plan to close the trust gaps that are impacting your team


  • Taking responsibility for increasing your own personal credibility, and modeling trust through character and competence
  • Clarifying the specific reasons you can be trusted
  • Practicing the critical leadership skill of declaring intent
  • Creating an action plan to increase personal credibility


  • Identifying the "Counterfeit Behaviors" that create low trust
  • Practicing the 13 Behaviors that are foundational to every high-trust culture
  • Practicing key conversations to build trust with new and existing employees; repairing trust when it has been lost


Learning Objectives

  • Build Your Own Case for Trust
  • Increase Your Personal Credibility
  • Behave in Ways That Inspire Trust
  • Align Your Team, Symbols, Systems and Processes with Principles of High Trust
  • Improve Your Team’s Reputation
  • Make a Positive Contribution to Their World

The Case for Trust

  • Quantify the Specific “Trust Taxes” That Are Affecting Your Current Projects and Initiatives
  • Identify the Behaviors That Slow Speed and Increase Costs in Your Work Environment
  • Learn the Three Dimensions of Creating Trust
  • Create a Customized Plan to Close the Trust Gaps That Are Impacting Your Team

Self Trust—The Principle of Credibility

  • Take Responsibility for Increasing Your Own Personal Credibility, and Model Trust Through Character and Competence
  • Clarify the Specific Reasons You Can Be Trusted
  • Practice the Critical Leadership Skill of Declaring Intent
  • Create an Action Plan to Increase Personal Credibility

Relationship Trust—The Principle of Behavior

  • Identify the “Counterfeit Behaviors” That Create Low Trust
  • Practice the 13 Behaviors That Are Foundational to Every High-Trust Culture
  • Practice Key Conversations to Build Trust with New and Existing Employees—Repairing Trust When It Has Been Lost

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The 13 Behaviors of High-Trust Leaders at American Management Association

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