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Management Concepts

Terminating Contracts

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Contracting and program personnel need to have a fundamental understanding of practical considerations involved in a termination decision when faced with changing requirements or a problematic contract. You will learn statutory and contractual government rights, contractor rights and obligations, and the steps involved in executing a termination. You will gain the knowledge to determine when a contract must be terminated and how.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain when a contract should be terminated
  • Describe the government’s statutory and contractual rights with respect to terminations
  • Discuss the contractor’s rights and obligations
  • List the procedural steps in terminating a contract

Course Topics

General Principles of Contract Termination

  • Legal History
  • Reasons for Termination
  • Differences in Termination Types
  • Exercise: A Quick Termination

Termination for the Convenience of the Government

  • Government’s Right to Terminate for its Convenience
  • Termination for Convenience Clauses
  • General Procedures
  • Notice of Termination
  • Duties of Prime Contractor after Receipt of Notice of Termination
  • Duties of Termination Contracting Officer after Issuance of Notice of Termination
  • Constructive Termination for Convenience
  • Case Studies

Termination Due To Inadequate Contractor Performance

  • Default vs. Cause
  • Principles of Termination Due to Inadequate Contractor Performance
  • The Decision to Terminate
  • Actions Prior to the Notice of Termination
  • Substantial Completion/Compliance
  • Procedures for Termination
  • Exercises and Case Studies

Termination Settlements

  • Settlement Proposals
  • Termination Settlement Methods and Principles
  • Subcontract Settlement
  • Preparing the Settlement Agreement
  • Payments
  • Termination Inventory
  • Exercise and Case Studies

Who should attend

This course is designed for contracting and program personnel who may have a role in contract termination.

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