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Subawarding for Pass-Through Entities

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Subawards are the focus of increasing scrutiny from agency inspectors general, auditors, and Federal awarding offices. Pass-through entities must be especially careful when awarding grant dollars to subrecipients and act in accordance with the Uniform Guidance (2 CFR 200). Learn to maintain a compliant subaward process and implement effective monitoring measures for subrecipients. This is a core course in the Pass-Through Track of the GMCP™.

Learning Objectives

  • Distinguish between subrecipients and contractors and determine how the relationship affects agreement provisions and oversight
  • Understand the impact of 2 CFR 200 on subaward administration
  • Critique a Subaward Request for Applications
  • Explain how to conduct a pre-award risk assessment
  • Evaluate a sample subaward agreement
  • Identify the appropriate monitoring responsibilities and reporting requirements while using risk-based techniques, in order to evaluate subrecipient performance
  • Determine the appropriate action when faced with subrecipient noncompliance or failure to make adequate progress toward project goals
  • Examine and make decisions about continuations, closeouts, and improvements to your subaward agreements and future monitoring plans

Course Topics

Understanding the Nature of Pass-Through Grant Programs

  • Defining the Pass-through Program
  • Distinguishing Subrecipients from Contractors
  • Module Capstone: Identifying Subrecipients, Contractors, and Beneficiaries

Expectations for Pass-Through Entities

  • Accountability in a Pass-Through Context
  • Necessary Authorizations For You and Your Subrecipients
  • Rules That Govern Subawards

Pre-award: Solicitation

  • Plan for Solicitation
  • Developing Requests For Applications
  • Advertise the RFA

Preaward: Evaluation and Risk Assessment

  • Designing and Maintaining an Application Review System
  • Assessing Risk
  • Award Procedures
  • Module Capstone: How to Select a Non-Perfect Subrecipient

Preaward: Sub-award Agreements

  • Defining a Subaward Agreement
  • Applicable Legal Authorities
  • Financial Terms and Conditions
  • Using Audits and the Federal Audit Clearinghouse as Monitoring Tools

Postaward: Monitoring Responsibilities

  • Why Pass-Through Entities Monitor Subrecipients
  • Laying the Groundwork for Effective Monitoring
  • Developing the Monitoring Plan
  • The Connection Between Reporting, Monitoring, and Documenting
  • Progress Reporting
  • Reporting
  • Exercise: Module Capstone — Reviewing Reports

Postaward: Resolving Problems

  • Typical Problems Under a Subaward

Postaward: Continuation and Closeout

  • Awarding Continuation Funding
  • Closing Out the Subaward

Who should attend

Pass-through organization staff involved in developing and administering subgrant programs will benefit from this course.

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