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Shortcuts and Tips to Create Presentations Like an Expert - Mastering Powerpoint

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About the course

Discover how to quickly create a slide deck that boosts the impact of your presentation

Discover How to Quickly Create a Memorable Slide Deck

You can deliver a great presentation yet lose credibility and damage your professional image if your supporting slide deck looks amateurish.

Excuses are not a solution.

The good news is that you can achieve a professional look and feel without spending lots more time putting your slides together.

This 90-minute webinar equips you with rules of thumb and how-to methods that help you create powerful, professional slides in minutes rather than hours.

What you will cover

Whether you're a new or self-taught user, you’ll see how to use Microsoft® PowerPoint to create impactful presentations in a snap. PowerPoint expert Rick Altman will help you amp up your presentations to captivate your attendees and improve your professional credibility. Join us to view a live demonstration of:

  • Creating dedicated handouts, instead of just printing slides
  • Honing and distilling bullet points until they are terse and clear
  • Using animation to sequence dense, chunky data
  • Blending photos and simple text messages for maximum impact
  • Essential shortcuts to help you work faster and more efficiently

Please note: The presenter will be demonstrating these methods and techniques using PowerPoint 2010.

How You Will Benefit

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate basic slide formatting techniques and presentation styles
  • Apply techniques to give slides a professional appearance
  • Incorporate visual design principles that maximize comprehension

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