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Schulich Mini-MBA - Essentials of Management

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Highly interactive classroom experiences are supplemented with video lectures and self-paced technology-enhanced learning you complete from home or office.

This cross-section of SEEC’s top MBA subjects builds your complete skill set in a full range of integrated disciplines, including marketing, finance, brand management, strategic planning, supply chain, HR, new technology and business negotiations.

You’ll acquire sought-after expertise and enhance your business acumen and decision-making capabilities through real-time learning and problem-solving approaches. Fill in knowledge gaps with a deeper understanding of cross-functional organization issues, and learn to thrive in an ever-changing corporate landscape defined by business ethics and social responsibility.

Learning Features

Here’s what makes this program ideal for any leader looking to update their competencies…

  • Top MBA subjects only: Immerse yourself in the top MBA subjects that will improve your leadership effectiveness.
  • Fill-in essential learning gaps for career success: Develop integrated business competencies including marketing, finance, strategic planning, supply chain, HR, new technology and business negotiations.
  • Three Convenient Class Sessions & Online Class-Prep: Attend one 3-day class in each of the three months of the program. Between classes, work on assignments with full video and online support.
  • You will work directly with instructors from our world-class Schulich MBA and EMBA faculty – consistently rated among the top in the world.
  • Apply your learning to a current workplace project: ideal for sponsoring organizations.
  • Participate in our integrated group project – modelled after Schulich’s renowned MBA 601 Case: Synthesize your learning with our world-class team case project, with valuable feedback from expert judges.

Course content details

Module 1 — 3 days

Critical Thinking, Economics, Strategy, Marketing

Critical Thinking for Leaders

This session teaches you the leadership skills to build strong commitment and consensus to actions.

  • Enhance your ability to apply critical and strategic thinking to complex business problems
  • Learn the thinking and reflective skills required for leadership

Economic Environment of Business

This session examines the factors that affect supply and demand, the role of prices, product differentiation strategies and government policy impact.

  • Learn to identify, understand and evaluate the domestic and global forces that cause economic change
  • Learn how changes in the economic environment affect business performance and strategic options

Strategic Management 1

This session explores the economic principles of business strategy and teaches you an analytical framework for evaluating alternative strategies.

Team projects assigned.

  • Understand the process of choosing and defining purposes and objectives of strategy
  • Learn to formulate and implement a viable strategy and how to monitor strategic performance

Marketing and Brand Strategy

This course introduces you to major marketing concepts and explores the role of marketing in the value creation process, as well as the role of products, services and strategic branding in your marketing mix.

  • Learn essential marketing concepts such as buyer behaviour, segmentation, targeting, pricing, distribution and positioning
  • Examine contemporary marketing strategies
  • Examine the creation of new products and deletion of obsolete products in the marketing mix
  • Learn how to integrate new offerings and brands

Module 2 — 3 days

Managing Technologies, Strategy, Supply Chain, Ethics and CSR

Managing New Technologies

This session helps you link business strategy to innovative new technologies in your industry.

  • Learn what questions to ask about the viability of emerging technologies
  • Learn how to assess market potential and organizational capabilities regarding emerging new technologies

Strategic Management 2 (Coaching)

Group presentations (featuring guest adjudicators for the Mini-MBA Team Project), graduation and closing.

  • Explore the process of choosing and defining purposes and objectives of strategy
  • Reviewing business strategy and monitoring strategic performance

Managerial Finance

Study modern investment and financing including: asset valuation; capital budgeting; risk management and performance assessment.

  • Learn to understand the investment decision process
  • Learn the connection between organizational strategy and financial performance

Supply Chain Management

This session helps you develop a process view of operations and make key supply chain improvement decisions.

  • Learn to understand the key operational decisions of capacity, cycle time, quality and linkages in the value chain
  • Learn to create and manage a supply chain strategy

Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

This session explores the social and ethical challenges facing contemporary organizations

  • Learn strategies for dealing with social and ethical problems
  • Enhance your personal moral insight

Module 3 — 3 days

HR, Leading Change, Negotiations, Graduation

Essentials of Human Resource Management

This session teaches you HR from a managerial perspective and new perspectives on actively managing your own career.

  • Gain an understanding of the ways in which HR practices can substantially contribute a firm’s performance and objectives, and address current employee issues
  • Develop a personal brand and career vision

Leading Change

This course explores the nature of change and how to overcome resistance to strategic change.

  • Develop your capacity to foster & lead sustainable change
  • Examine the challenge and nature of change and uncover why 80% of change initiatives fail

Business Negotiations

This course provides opportunity to learn, practise and refine negotiation skills.

  • Gain knowledge of the different approaches to negotiations, your own negotiation style
  • Learn strategies and tactics for negotiating and resolving conflicts more effectively

Presentations, Graduation and Closing

Deliver a team presentation, featuring guest adjudicators, plus graduation and closing ceremonies.

Who should attend

This program is designed for managers with a minimum of five years’ direct management experience. It benefits experienced leaders who hope to be promoted or who have taken on new areas of responsibility, as well as busy executives who have not recently updated their business knowledge or are contemplating an MBA or EMBA. It is recommended for university and college graduates; however, certification is not a prerequisite.


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Detailed Description
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