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Rethinking Change Management: Leadership Tools and Techniques

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We all might have heard that the only constant is change, but change in the workplace is accelerating at an increasingly rapid pace.
Reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions, workforce downsizing or expansion, technology implementations, and new business initiatives are examples of changes that impact large numbers of people. Although we recognize that change is what ultimately drives growth, we have to be willing to accept it. In today’s complex business environment, it is no longer enough to merely respond to change. Successful leaders are able to anticipate the impact of such changes.

In this one-day immersion, participants will learn about key changes taking place in the workplace, specifically in evaluation, communication, and motivation, and how active change management and leadership efforts can help effect transitions.

Some of the topics Dr. Kohut will Delve Into include:

  • Working Conditions and Evaluation: Global offices, telecommuting, and the pace of business mean we have different relationships with our supervisors than we did even 5 years ago. Employees aren’t settling into one company for their careers, and that means evaluation and feedback processes have to evolve. There are emerging practices that can help leaders improve their teams and develop their bench.
  • Cultural Changes and Communication: Advancements in technology have brought about increasing globalization and unprecedented diversity in the workplace. Four generations make up today’s workforce, and that’s just accounting for age differences. Leveraging the power of diverse cultures, backgrounds, and age groups can disrupt common communications practices. Strong leadership can provide needed direction and example without stifling creativity.
  • Job Types and Motivation: With more managerial and strategic jobs being added in many industries, the methods leaders use to motivate employees and create engagement are shifting. Standard raises and promotions don’t go as far to create loyalty, and the usual expectations for benefits have shifted too. New benefits, motivational tools, and even workplace cultures are needed to help fuel a sense of purpose for you and your team, creating the kind of true engagement that spurs growth.

You will learn tools and techniques that will Enable You to:

  • Manage reactions to change
  • Communicate in a manner that inspires your team and ensures optimal productivity through any change initiative
  • Uncover information about what’s feeding your own leadership style that can help you evolve…and change


Dr. Gary Kohut joined the Belk College faculty in 1983. He currently teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in communication and management. His research focuses on corporate communication strategy, leadership and management development and applied technology in business communication. He is ...
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