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Psychology of Leadership

Psychology of Leadership from Cornell University
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The ultimate goal of leadership is to get things done by effectively influencing and leading other people. Possessing this ability is of utmost importance for both your career path and the health of your organization. Throughout this certificate, Professor Allan Filipowicz will provide you with time-tested practical tools and cutting-edge behavioral science findings to ensure influencing and leading others are two of your core competencies. You will walk away with a deep understanding of the psychological mechanisms that drive the behaviors, motivation, and performance of yourself and others in order to maximize your potential to lead.


  • The Psychology of Getting Things Done
  • Identifying and Managing Emotions
  • Interpreting the Behavior of Others
  • Mastering the Essentials of Influence
  • Applying Strategic Influence
  • Designing an Effective Team Structure


  • Effectively employ the six levers that allow goal setting to work
  • Identify and remove the most powerful barriers to behavioral change
  • Assess your own level of emotional intelligence and more accurately read the emotions of others
  • Recognize the three fundamental drivers of behavior
  • Actively listen in a way that helps a person articulate the underlying issue
  • Modify your behaviors to bring out the best work in those around you
  • Amplify positive and reverse negative behavioral cycles of your subordinates (i.e. balance execution and development)
  • Combine positive and negative feedback to maximize performance
  • Use the principles of reciprocity to influence others for mutually beneficial outcomes
  • Change the social and physical environment to influence others
  • Solve the fundamental challenges of teams by setting the right goals, allocating roles to maximize individual skills, and avoiding process losses

Who should attend

  • Individual contributors
  • Managers and team leaders
  • Senior managers and executives
  • Any professional looking to become more effective at interacting with colleagues, clients, reports, or superiors


Allan Filipowicz is Clinical Professor of Management and Organizations at the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University. Professor Filipowicz's research focuses on how emotions drive or impede leadership effectiveness, at both the intrapersonal and interpersonal l...


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Detailed Description

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On demand
USD 3600

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