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Project Finance Documentation

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Mastering Project Finance Documentation training course

Next dates

May 8—10
3 days
London, United Kingdom
GBP 2879 ≈USD 3741
GBP 959 per day
Nov 25—27
3 days
London, United Kingdom
GBP 2879 ≈USD 3741
GBP 959 per day


This course has been designed to address a need articulated for a training course with much greater “granularity” of content and depth of analysis with regard to the key project and financing documents.

The need we have identified is for a workshop which goes well beyond the basic features of these agreements, so as to equip project finance team members with a deeper knowledge of:

  • These documents’ core structure and key variants
  • The issues which are likely to be most contentious in the discussions between sponsors, lenders and others

This Project Finance Documentation course is a valuable element in the training and development of project debt financiers sponsorside negotiators and financial advisers from investment banks, accounting firms and commercial bank advisory teams. Undoubtedly, a lender’s appetite for risk acceptance and the provision of high levels of debt will be a key factor in the success of a project financing. Borrowers and financial advisers have a keen interest in understanding what makes a particular agreement “bankable” and capable of supporting high earning. Legal firms may also wish to consider the course as means of sensitising staff to the particular issues of project financing documentation.


  • Understand the various risks throughout a project’s development and operation, and identify how they are addressed in the various operational and financial contracts
  • Reference the relevant clauses in the contractual documents, and explain the interface between the actual conduct of the project and the contractual arrangements and obligations
  • Address the potential consequences of failing to implement project documentation in a prudent way

How You Will Learn

Richard incorporates both his years of experience and numerous topical case studies

They include: Addressing the Risks, Protecting the IRR; Dealing with Defaults; Designing the Security Structure


Detailed Description
Detailed Description
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