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Dec 9—13, 2019
5 days
London, United Kingdom
GBP 4995 ≈USD 6255
GBP 999 per day

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Enhance your understanding of private banking, asset allocation & estate planning

Private banking is a notoriously fast-paced environment, and to succeed it is essential to remain on top of the most current changes taking place within the industry.

The agenda for this course has been specifically designed by internationally renowned experts for private bankers and for anyone involved in any aspect of private banking.

Their knowledge of the market, industry and players is unrivalled, and together they combine their experience to provide you with a broad and in-depth five day programme; covering topics including asset allocation, real estate planning, investment products and business development.

Take advantage of:

  • The best practices within private banking including asset allocation and estate planning
  • Key management skills that enable you to profitably run a private banking business
  • Exclusive learnings and experiences from an industry-leading Swiss private banker
  • A unique opportunity to network with your peers from around the world
  • The most current and relevant methodology and issues affecting you


Day 1: The Private Banking World Today

Introduction and Welcome

The Private Banking World Today

  • State of the industry
  • New regulations, such as AEOI, Fatca, ...
  • The role of credit in Private Banking
  • Offshore and onshore banking
  • Discussion: Where does the industry go?

The Business Model

  • Costs and revenues
  • The Formula
  • Client relationship
  • Cross selling
  • KPIs

Understanding the client's expectations

  • Individual clients and families
  • Know Your Customer
  • Additional information
  • Group Work: The perfect client profiling

Private Client Needs Analysis

  • Daily needs
  • Business current and future needs (succession)
  • Retirement planning
  • Life-long investing
  • Case Study: A prospective client analysis

Risk and Return

  • The trade-off
  • Risk aversion
  • Types of return
  • Managing the client's expectations
  • Case Study: Clients’ risk aversion analysis

Day 2: Asset Allocation for Private Clients

The Process of Asset Allocation

  • What is asset allocation?
  • Investment Policy Statement
  • What to put in a portfolio pricing
  • Decisions and basis point assumptions
  • Review of the various investment vehicles

The Diversification Effect

  • Portfolio risk and return
  • Specific vs. systemic risk
  • The efficient frontier
  • Rewarding the risk: Sharpe ratio

The Investment World

  • Top-down approach
  • Economical cycles
  • Emerging markets
  • Foreign exchanges

The Investment Process

  • Specifying objectives
  • Specifying constraints
  • Formulating a policy
  • Monitoring and updating the portfolio

Active vs. passive portfolio management

  • Active vs. passive portfolio management
  • Core Satellite and other approaches
  • Benchmarking issues
  • Market timing
  • Sectors rotating
  • Asset allocation vs. security selection

Formulating the Offer

  • Meeting the client needs
  • Dealing with investment restrictions
  • Abiding to local regulations
  • Pricing issues
  • Case study covering the whole day

Day 3: Estate Planning Needs and Tools

Estate Planning in a global context

  • Wealth analysis
  • Geographical and legal constraints
  • Wealth transmission
  • Tax optimisation
  • Retirement planning
  • Constraints management


  • Description of the structure
  • Main uses
  • Jurisdictions
  • Legal issues
  • Documents

Family Foundations

  • Description of the structure
  • Jurisdictions
  • Legal issues
  • Documents

Other Tools

  • The will
  • Offshore companies
  • Local instruments for local purposes

Non-Financial Assets

  • Real estate
  • Leisure assets (yachts, planes, cars...)
  • Art collections
  • Other assets

The Offering

  • What is the best mix?
  • The domicile of the client
  • Possible conflicts of laws
  • Tax issues
  • Ethical considerations
  • The pricing
  • Case study covering the whole day

Cultural Differences

  • Regional differences
  • The religion element
  • Ethical considerations
  • Do’s and don’ts
  • Video Examples

Day 4: Private Wealth Management Products

The full offering

  • Additional services to be delivered
  • In-house or sub-contracted
  • Client segmentation
  • Regulatory aspects
  • Exercise: what are you offering?

Alternative Investments

  • Commodities
  • Real Asset and real estate
  • Structure Products
  • Case studies

Private Equity

  • Market today
  • Venture Capital
  • LBO's
  • Mezzanine
  • PE funds
  • Case study: A PE fund

Hedge funds

  • Market today
  • Characteristics
  • Main strategies
  • How to invest
  • Case study: A current product


  • The importance of the network
  • Establishing the first contact
  • Dealing with gatekeepers
  • Exercise: The elevator pitch

Managing and Retaining the Client

  • Managing the client’s expectations
  • Setting up the frame
  • Dealing with the shortfalls
  • How to deliver bad news

Day 5: Business development: Private Banking in a new area

Initial analysis

  • Opportunity analysis
  • Strategic implications for the bank
  • Competition analysis
  • Legal and regulatory constraints
  • Offshore vs. Onshore

Resource gathering

  • Existing resources or hiring
  • Skills-gap analysis
  • Evaluating the candidates
  • Evaluating the business development potential
  • Exercise: The ideal job description

Managing the Private Banking Team

  • Objectives
  • Incentives
  • The first 18 months
  • The shortfalls and the successes
  • Exercise: The ideal incentive plan

The Business Plan

  • Key elements
  • Costs and revenues
  • What are the limits of business planning?
  • The human bias

The Decision

  • SWOT
  • Brand management
  • Other factors

The action plan

  • Future pacing
  • Implementing the learnings into reality
  • Establishing personal targets


Francois E. Aubert’s consulting and training expertise comes from over 25 years dealing with both individual clients, families and companies in Europe, Middle East (including the Persian Gulf), Africa, Americas and Asia combined with a solid educational background. After having spent the first ye...


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Detailed Description

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Dec 9—13, 2019
5 days
London, United Kingdom
GBP 4995 ≈USD 6255
GBP 999 per day

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