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Management Concepts

Preparing Successful Federal Grant Budget Proposals Workshop

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May 17
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
USD 669
USD 669 per day
Jun 26
Denver, Colorado, United States
USD 669
USD 669 per day
Aug 7
USD 669
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The development of realistic and compliant budget proposals for Federal grant applications requires extensive planning and detail. You will develop a budget worksheet and narrative based on common Federal grant requirements. You will walk through the process, including requirements gathering, cost estimation, and submission, and will leave with the knowledge to create and adapt a development process at your organization. You are encouraged to bring your own budget proposal to class. This is an elective course in the Pass-Through and Recipient Tracks of the GMCP™.

Learning Objectives

  • Develop a grant budget with appropriate information and cost estimates
  • Revise a grant budget to ensure it is compliant, complete, and correctly formatted

Course Topics

Developing a Grant Budget

  • Introduction to Developing a Grant Budget
  • Pre-Award Budget Issues
  • Preliminary Budget Work
  • Cost Estimating

Finalizing a Grant Budget

  • Budget Compliance
  • Budget Forms and Attachments
  • Budget Justification
  • Post-Award Budget Concerns

Who should attend

Grant recipient and pass-through personnel responsible for developing the budget and budget narrative for Federal grant and cooperative agreement applications will benefit from this course.