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  • 1 day
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What are the topics?

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About the course

Become a PowerPoint master – Learn to make it support your presentations and increase the impact of your message.

This is not a technical course, this is a creative course.

It's about the choices you make based on using your slide-deck as a visual aid to a presentation and the impact you want it to have.

It is suitable for anyone from complete beginner to seasoned user and will help you become a more powerful and engaging presenter.

You will learn how to incorporate PowerPoint into your presentations so that it works for you and your audience.

So not a technical course; no it's much more helpful than that.

Course Objectives

  • What Should You Put on a Slide?
  • Creating Compelling Content
  • What is your Slide Doing?
  • Qualities of a Good Slide
  • Deliver the Story of the Data
  • Focussing your Key Messages
  • Getting Audience Interest
  • Using Storyboards
  • Worst-case Scenarios
  • Flexible Presentation Structure
  • Making your Presentation Memorable

Course Content

Most PowerPoint training is prescriptive and will encourage you to use the standard default options.

This course is tailored, on the day, to reflect the needs of each delegate.

We will include many of the exercises listed below, and any additional material that the trainers feel is relevant.

Basic Principles

How do you feel about presenting by PowerPoint? How much is expected of you? What do you want from the day?

Death by PowerPoint

We’ll look at the experiences we’ve had as presenters and listeners.

What makes for the best and worst PowerPoint presentations?


We look at what people use PowerPoint for.

  • A visual aid
  • A pre-read
  • A handout
  • Presenter notes
  • A decoy or a legal disclaimer

We look at how this multi-purpose role is the main cause of death by powerpoint and how to remedy it.

What Works

We will look at what already works for us when using PowerPoint.

We will also ask delegates to put their hands up to the traps we all fall into.


Why do you want it?

What does it really mean?

We’ll look at how PowerPoint can help you get it.


A flexible pre-set structure is a great way to kick-start PowerPoint content.

It helps shape our ideas so they become clear, logical and compelling.

It can be quickly amended to suit differing time constraints.


We look at focussing PowerPoint presentations on key messages.

This will ensure audiences receive the key message we intend.

You have to do all the work for your audience.

Don’t make your audience play ‘Where’s Wally?’

Think Visually

Miscommunication arises when people see the world differently.

Thinking visually helps to solve this.

Thinking visually will enable you to adapt to differing audiences.

Good Practice

We will explore all the best practice tips that we have picked up over the years.


We will use storyboards to help shape impactful PowerPoint presentations.

In this exercise, you will become your own best editor.

You'll learn to use PowerPoint as a visual medium to enhance your key messages.

Having a Go

You will present your polished PowerPoints to the group.

Even if you only create Powerpoints for others, this will really help you to learn to make better choices.

Opening and Closing

We will look at:

Dynamic presentation openings

Effective endings

Words in Tables

A highly effective method for presenting documents or data-heavy slides.

This exercise will reduce the amount of audience effort by 70-80%.

A massive change for your presentations.

The Future

You will identify what specific strategies you will use in the future and how you might develop your unique presentation style.

You’ll be given a variety of useful handouts as reminders of our top tips.

You’ll be given a web link to your videos from the course

Ongoing Support

Two weeks after the course one of your trainers will call to see how you are getting on.

You will have email and telephone access to both of your trainers.

You'll also have access to a course web page containing:

  • Handouts used during the course
  • New supportive material
  • Impact Factory PDF documents
  • Recommended reading
  • Links to our favourite videos


Tom Bodell

Since joining Impact Factory, Tom has worked with the British Library, Elekta, Subsea 7 and the General Medical Council. His background as a director means he works on Presentation Skills, Communication Skills and Storytelling workshops. His experience of temping around London combined with mana...

Caitlin Shannon

Transatlantic travel is a piece of cake for Caitlin. She was born to British-American parents and had a transatlantic upbringing, moving frequently between London and Los Angeles.  Further education earned her a BA honours degree in English literature at Manchester University, and true to her t...

Katie Kensit

Katie''s aim is to encourage others through self-awareness and effective communication to create satisfying working relationships and unity. Since joining Impact Factory Katie has been involved with Presentation Skills, Public Speaking, Line Management, Assertiveness and Personal Impact.    Kat...

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PowerPoint Presentations Course at Impact Factory

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