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About the course

Position classification focuses the duties of employees so they can maximize their success as an individual and in teams. Effective position classification helps accomplish the agency’s mission as organizations adapt to meet changing requirements. You will explore different classification systems, frameworks, and legal requirements, and learn the foundations necessary to classify positions. You will practice your new skills through exercises that allow for opportunities to classify different positions.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the relationship of position classification to position management and other Human Resource (HR) functions
  • Define the steps of the classification process
  • Describe the legal structure of the General Schedule (GS) and Federal Wage System (FWS) along with other classification systems
  • Apply the guidance provided by the GS and FWS when classifying positions
  • Classify nonsupervisory GS positions using the Factor Evaluation System (FES) (and narrative) standards
  • Classify nonsupervisory FWS positions using job-grading standards
  • Use the Lead/Leader and Supervisory Guides to analyze position descriptions in both GS and FWS
  • Identify real-world issues that impact classifiers

Course Topics

Position Classification in the HR Context

  • Position Classification
  • Classification Decisions
  • Classification’s Home in the Organization
  • Classification Process

Legal Structure of Classification Systems

  • The General Schedule
  • The Federal Wage System
  • Comparing the GS and FWS Classification Architecture
  • Other Classification Systems in the Executive Branch

OPM Classification Guidance

  • OPM Classification Guidance
  • Handbook of Occupational Groups and Families

Classify a Nonsupervisory GS Position

  • Starting the Classification Process
  • Collect Information About the Position
  • Analyze the Position
  • Documentation

Classify a Nonsupervisory (WG) FWS Position

  • OPM Classification Guidance
  • Classifying in the FWS

Classifying GS Lead and Supervisory Positions

  • Differences Between Team Leaders and Supervisors
  • General Schedule Leader Grade Evaluation Guide
  • Definition of a GS Supervisor
  • The General Schedule Supervisory Guide (GSSG)

Classifying FWS Leader and Supervisory Positions

  • Definition of an FWS Supervisor
  • Coverage as a Supervisor Under FWS
  • Working Supervisors
  • Factors in the FWS Job Grading Standard for Supervisors
  • FWS Job Grading Standard for Leaders

Other Issues for Classifiers

  • Pay Issues

Documentation and Review

  • Documenting the Decision with the OF-8

Who should attend

This course is designed for professionals who need to classify Federal positions to support effective staffing in their organization.

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