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About the course


The Nursing Home Administration Program offers 144 clock-hours of instruction in four units, each involving Saturday sessions. To complete the program, participants must attend 128 clock hours (90%) and pass a comprehensive final exam for each unit.

Classes run from 9:00am – 4:00pm each Saturday.

  • Unit 1 covers leadership, labor and management contracts, affirmative action, wages, legal issues, HIPPA
  • Unit 2 covers aging process, gerontology and geriatric infection control, nutrition, pharmacy.
  • Unit 3 covers General and States Rules/Regulations for Dietary Services in Long Term Care Facilities, medicare, fire safety.
  • Unit 4 covers accounting and budget, recreational, medicaid, and insurance.

Session 1

You will be introduced to the licensure application process for NHA, as well as state and federal requirements. Discussion will cover the real life challenges of practicing administrators and strategies to protect licensure. The session will close with self-examination of leadership and personality styles. These styles will be connected to characteristics and skills you need to lead a dynamic organization.

Session 2

This session will provide an overview of dealing effectively with complaints and effectively communicate in a positive way with all staff with emphasis on active listening. Ineffective management of employee concerns and the staff feeling of not “being heard” is a prime motivator for union activity. The session reviews the origin of unions, negotiating fair contracts and working effectively with unions.

Session 3

You will learn the difference between leadership and management – and how both are integral to daily operations. We identify the key positions and departments and their interdependence. We develop various organizational designs and

Session 4

This session will cover human resources operations, including effective interviewing, hiring, firing, just culture disciplinary action, setting wages, defining job classes, and wage hour ramifications. Additionally, the history, impact, and current status of Affirmative Action will be reviewed.

Session 5

We cover the types of legal issues that affect long term care, what ethics is and how it differs from law, case review of impactful long term care cases and advanced directives and end of life care planning. There is an extensive review of laws and issues that directly affect long term care operations.

Session 6

We will review the federal regulations from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the Office of the Inspector General. These agencies oversee the Residents’ Rights to Privacy (including HIPAA); quality assurance and the QA Privilege; and corporate compliance. We will also cover both requirements and best practices for Electronic Medical Records. Finally, we will close with discussion of other privacy issues in long-term care (“granny cams,” etc.)

Who should attend

Anyone interested in nursing home administration and those individuals currently involved in health care administration who wish to review and update their skills in the field.

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