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About the course

Develop Critical Business Skills for Leading and Managing Nonprofits

Learn to lead effectively, maximize outcomes and navigate the nonprofit environment from some of today’s most successful nonprofit leaders. In this eight-week course, you’ll develop your business acumen in areas such as resource allocation, budgeting and communications. You’ll also learn to establish an effective nonprofit narrative, become a social entrepreneur, and more. Gain a greater understanding and personal awareness of the entire nonprofit sector and an increased capacity to strengthen your mission through research, advocacy, collaboration, and structural adaptation.

What You’ll Learn

  • Philanthropy and the charitable business model
  • How to mobilize and manage resources effectively
  • The importance of research in the nonprofit sector
  • How to validate best practices and quality assurance
  • Relationship building to maximize the resource base
  • Nonprofit advocacy, leadership and governance
  • Ways to build effective communications and media relations


8 Week Course

Lesson 1 - Creative Nonprofit Management: Philanthropy as a Sign of Business

  • Course Introduction
  • Introducing Dr. Robert Jones
  • Meet Dr. Robert Jones
  • The Business of Running a Nonprofit
  • Nonprofit Financial Challenges
  • Measuring Nonprofit Success
  • Community Education

Lesson 2 - The Importance of Research in the Nonprofit Sector

  • Introducing Dr. Elizabeth Boris
  • Meet Dr. Elizabeth Boris
  • Research in the Nonprofit Sector
  • Nonprofit Economic Impact
  • Institutional Efficiency
  • Philanthropic Foundations
  • Measuring Social Impact

Lesson 3 - Social Enterprise

  • Introducing Dom Betro
  • What Makes a Social Entrepreneur
  • Identifying and Capitalizing on Innovative Opportunities
  • Strategic Positioning
  • Leading Change and Leveraging Assets
  • Risk and Social Enterprise Plans
  • The Case for Social Enterprise

Lesson 4 - Leadership and Governance Through the Eyes of a Performing Arts Organization

  • Introducing Andrew Kipe
  • Meet Andrew Kipe
  • Leading a Performing Arts Nonprofit
  • Working with the Board
  • Strategic Planning
  • Community Engagement

Lesson 5 - Establishing the Narrative for Your Work: Framing or Reframing an Issue

  • Introducing Irv Katz
  • Meet Irv Katz
  • The Discipline of Framing
  • Panel Discussion: Framing
  • Reframing Human Needs
  • Panel Discussion: Reframing Examples
  • Leveraging Assets
  • Panel Discussion: Leveraging Assets
  • Final Thoughts on Framing

Lesson 6 - The Importance of Validating Best Practices and Quality Assurance in Nonprofit Organizations

  • Introducing Richard Klarberg
  • Meet Richard Klarberg
  • The Role of the Council on Accreditation (COA)
  • The Benefits of COA Accreditation
  • Accreditation in the Nonprofit Sector
  • Gaining COA Accreditation
  • Interpreting an Accreditation Report

Lesson 7 - Advocacy at the State Level

  • Introducing James Purcell
  • Meet James Purcell
  • State Level Advocacy
  • Core Elements of Advocacy
  • Working with Public Officials
  • James Purcell on His Personal Experience in Advocacy
  • Advocating During the Legislative Process

Lesson 8 - Media Relations: Managing Your Media Message to Build Support for Your Nonprofit

  • Introducing Joe Slye
  • What Not to do in an Interview
  • Getting Your Message Out

Who should attend

This dynamic, instructor-led course examines tools, techniques and strategies that can lead to greater responsibility and visibility within an organization. It is ideal for emerging and established nonprofit professionals who want to strengthen their nonprofit leadership and management capabilities, make more informed business decisions and overcome the challenges that confront today’s nonprofit leaders. It is also beneficial for individuals looking to transition to and within the nonprofit sector.

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