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NUS Institute of Systems Science

NICF- Statistics Bootcamp

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This course aims to train you to effectively use R in your statistical analysis for accurate and impactful data-driven decision making.

The Statistics Bootcamp is more than just an introduction to statistics, it teaches you how to use R, a command driven language for quick visual analytics. In addition, you will be presented with multiple business cases that will be solved in the course of lecturing and hands-on workshops.

The lecturers will give extensive illustrations of statistical principles and techniques. Each statistical technique taught will be demonstrated using R so that you can practise R programming in a series of workshops. In addition, you will get to dabble with data visualisation including creating graphs.

Ultimately, you will gain insights into how to use statistics to answer your business questions.

This course is part of the Analytics & Intelligent Systems Series and MTech EBAC Stackable foundation certificate offered by NUS-ISS.

Key takeaways

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Use R functions for statistical analysis
  • Be proficient in interactive visual analytics
  • Compare and evaluate different business strategies
  • Make predictions based on relevant factors
  • Make better data-driven decisions

What will be covered

  • Visualising and summarising data for quick insights
  • Compare and evaluate different business strategies
  • Prediction based on relevant factors
  • Industry application examples


  • Lectures and workshops

Who should attend

This course is designed for: * Individuals with some IT background and would like to learn statistics with the latest tools, e.g. R * Individuals who have learnt statistics a long while ago and would like to refresh or update their statistics knowledge * Individuals who have no knowledge or experience in business analytics but would like to explore work opportunities in analytics. * Organisation users who need to begin their journey to master the state-of-the-art analytics techniques.


Throughout my years of data and analytics, I've been fortunate to be involved in some amazing projects, and meet some remarkable people. These have helped me to develop my uncompromising passion for the art of data driven decision making. Data, report and analytics are so often thought of as bas...
Charles lectures and consults on artificial intelligence, knowledge engineering and knowledge management. He has been a principal investigator, project manager, supervisor and developer for many knowledge based systems project in Canada and Singapore. Previously, he was a research scientist with ...
Rita as a seasoned analytics professional has 25+ years of experience in Financial Services, Insurance and Market Research specializing in Scoring (operational & regulatory), Risk Management, Marketing Analytics, Analytics Strategy Development, Analytics Infrastructure, Analytics team managem...
Nirmal is an Analytics professional with 18 years of experience in building practices from ground up in Asia. He has Co-founded and successfully exited from two Analytics companies. The first was Fractal Analytics, India’s leading third party analytics provider and the second: Mobius Innovations,...
Eric has about 15 years of analytics and data science experience in the financial services, start-ups and web analytics. Prior joining ISS, he was an Enterprise Data Scientist with Thomson Reuters and was also director of quantitative data science in a China fintech start-up with 4 million users....
Prakash is an Associate Lecturer in Institute of Systems Science, National University of Singapore (NUS-ISS). He taught for various analytics modules at School of Information Systems, SMU Singapore for nearly three years prior to joining NUS-ISS. He holds a MS degree in IT in Business Analytics ...
Data Scientist; Head of Analytics; Head of Research and Statistics; Professor of Financial Mathematics; Associate Faculty (Analytics, Mathematics & Statistics).
GU Zhan (Sam) lectures Master of Technology programme in the areas of data science, machine intelligence, soft computing, and applied deep learning. Prior to joining ISS, he was in New Zealand running Kudos Data start-up, which focussed on training programs to democratize artificial intelligence ...
Jen Hong develops algorithms. He specializes in deep learning, image processing and medical image diagnosis. He designs illustrations, web page and posters. He plays piano. He invented a mathematical model to analyze dry eye. He used deep learning to correct medical images. He trained deep learni...
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