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NUS Institute of Systems Science

NICF- Object Oriented Analysis & Design

Available dates

Nov 4—8, 2019
5 days
SGD 3852 ≈USD 2829
SGD 770 per day


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About the course

Delving straight into system development without applying proper analysis and design is similar to building a house without a blueprint. This would mean having to spend more time and resources on reworks and patches later in the development phase in order to solve problems that could have been avoided if appropriate development techniques had been applied.

The Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) techniques helps to:

  • Speed up software development processes
  • Increase developers’ productivity by promoting software reuse
  • Facilitate effective software integration
  • Reduce software maintenance and enhancement efforts
  • Support continuous integration and delivery

Workshops are specially tailored to take participants through the system development process; from requirements to design workflow. Participants will get hands-on experience on the application of OOAD techniques through the relevant cycles.

This course not only helps system designers and developers to leverage on the benefits of OOAD techniques, thereby reducing maintenance costs and increasing software quality, it also helps project managers / leaders / Scrum masters / team members to better manage software development processes.

Key Takeaways

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand OO Principles
  • Understand UML diagramming techniques
  • Understand essential deliverables in software development processes
  • Apply OOAD techniques in development processes
  • Be aware of industry best practices

What Will Be Covered

  • Object Orientation principles
  • UML diagramming techniques
  • Adopting OOAD for waterfall / iterative / agile / scrum approaches
  • Requirements Analysis with Use Cases / user stories
  • Identifying objects and responsibilities during Analysis
  • Design for Architectural Platforms
  • Design for Interface, Abstract Class, Polymorphism and Patterns
  • OO Mapping to Implementation Technology
  • Case Study


Lectures and workshops

Who should attend

  • System Analysts / Software Engineer
  • Software Developers
  • Software Architects
  • Project Managers / Project Leaders
  • Scrum Masters

Those involved in software development process, typically those who require the use of OO technology


Preferably some knowledge of any programming languages

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Chia Yuen Kwan

Yuen Kwan teaches courses in the areas of object-oriented technology and application development methodology. Prior to joining ISS, he was involved in application development projects in the government and transportation industries. He also led various large scale developments in business critica...


Heng Boon Kui

Boon Kui is passionate with processes and methods in development of software systems. His current teaching interests in ISS include Analysis and Design as well as Design Patterns for object-oriented software systems. His current research interests centre on the formalization of user-specified dec...


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