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NICF- Managing Cybersecurity Risk

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About the course

With Singapore’s push towards international connectivity and the pervasive adoption of digital technologies as recommended by Committee on Future Economy (CFE), we inadvertently expand our cyber attack surface. Singaporean organisations and Singapore citizens are thus more exposed to global threats posed by cyber threats – from individual, opportunistic hackers, to professional and organised cyber criminals groups with strategies to systematically steal intellectual property, disrupt businesses and even threaten our safety.

In today’s digital business environment, cyber attacks can cripple the entire business operations if an organisation is unprepared. Investing in cybersecurity technology alone is insufficient to address cyber threats. Creating an informed and knowledgeable organisational culture that emphasises cybersecurity is a must for the entire organisation, and with business/operational leaders taking the lead is now an imperative.

This course is designed to provide you with the necessary skills to implement the right cybersecurity strategy and action plans, taking into considerations your business environment, your business and the potential cyber threats that will affect the business operations in the digital economy. In addition, it provides a detailed prescriptive framework which includes Incident Response Plan (using industry best practices) and a Cyber Maturity Model, instead of knowledge sharing without an approach to application. How public and private enterprises can play a role in ensuring that Singapore remain cyber resilience will also be discussed.

Key Takeaways

On completion of the course, participants will:

  • Understand the cybersecurity strategies and polices
  • Have knowledge of potential cyber threats and system vulnerabilities
  • Be able to identify the threats and risks that are relevant to his/her organisation and systems
  • Be able to assesses the business impact of the identified threats and formulate possible responses
  • Plan and communicate cybersecurity requirements with stakeholders
  • Plan swift response to cyber attacks
  • Be able to establish or improve decision-making during cyber attacks

What Will Be Covered

  • Building a cybersecurity strategy
  • Creating cybersecurity policies
  • Conceptual security architecture
  • Approach to information risk management
  • Cyber resilience
  • Action plan to close the gap


Lectures, case studies and group exercises

Who should attend

This course is targeted at participants who are required to propose, supported by the cybersecurity professionals, to formulate, propose and execute the cybersecurity strategy and action plans approved by their organisation’s top leadership team. This may include:

  • Project(s) sponsor(s)
  • Risk managers, governance officers and compliance managers who require in-depth knowledge of cybersecurity
  • Business/operational leaders who are participating in cybersecurity-related decisions
  • Enterprise system owners/data owners who need to integrate their cybersecurity requirements into business processes

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