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NUS Institute of Systems Science

NICF- Managing Business Analytics Projects

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Jun 3—6
3 days
Singapore, Singapore
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Jul 22—24
3 days
Singapore, Singapore
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Nov 11—13
3 days
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Business Analytics has earned a place as one of the core disruptors of the digital age. Many companies’ business analytics initiatives have moved to production, with some proven success, and now there is a continuing push to leverage new data technologies to power business intelligence. Many government agencies and private companies have jumped on this bandwagon and are heavily investing in business analytics projects to gain new insights in order to acquire a competitive edge to serve their customers and citizens.

According to Gartner Research, the worldwide market for analytics will remain the top focus for CIOs through 2017. This report cited that more than 30% of organisations have invested in analysing “big data” but only a quarter (8% of the total) have made it into production! It remains as a major challenge for those tasked to deliver and implement these analytical capabilities and programmes successfully.

This course brings together latest thinking and best practices from the various domains of Agile, Lean and Traditional project management to equip business analytics teams with the knowledge and skills to effectively and successfully manage business analytics projects.

Key Takeaways

On completion of the course, the participants would be able to:

  • Understand the unique nature and challenges of business analytics projects
  • Learn how to correctly perform inception for a business analytics project
  • Learn how to choose and adapt the different project lifecycles, especially agile practices for your project
  • Develop the initial and subsequent iterative plans for your project
  • Learn how to manage the construction phase
  • Understand the considerations for retrospective and transition requirements

What Will Be Covered

  • Introduction to Business Analytics Projects
  • Project Inception/Initiation
  • Project Execution/Construction
  • Retrospective and Transition


Lectures and workshops

Who should attend

  • Primarily Project Managers, data scientists, IT and business professionals sponsoring, managing and participating in business analytics projects
  • Those who have an active interest in managing the various types of business analytics projects including Text, Predictive and Customer Analytics


Throughout my years of data and analytics, I've been fortunate to be involved in some amazing projects, and meet some remarkable people. These have helped me to develop my uncompromising passion for the art of data driven decision making. Data, report and analytics are so often thought of as bas...
Daniel Boey is the Chief, Project Management Practice at the Institute of System Science, National University of Singapore. He manages a teaching and consultancy practice in project management, specializing in project management competency development and training. He and his team provide consult...
Nirmal is an Analytics professional with 18 years of experience in building practices from ground up in Asia. He has Co-founded and successfully exited from two Analytics companies. The first was Fractal Analytics, India’s leading third party analytics provider and the second: Mobius Innovations,...
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