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About the course

This course will equip participants with capability to segment, profile and better understand customers. These abilities are crucial in order to offer appropriate product to targeted customer through the most relevant channel.

You will learn how to identify profitable customers so that business can strategically acquire them and offer appropriate services and product. Business can increase the return on investment by applying targeted database marketing to acquire and keep customers instead of mass marketing.

This is a hands-on course that teaches you how to use different analytical techniques to solve different business objectives. Three practical workshops will demonstrate how to segment and profile your customers using SPSS Modeler.

This course is part of the Analytics & Intelligent Systems Series offered by NUS-ISS.

Key Takeaways

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand customer segmentation so that different marketing tactics can be applied to different customer segments. For example, the most profitable customer segment might receive bigger discounts than other customer segments
  • Understand customer profiling so that customer segments are better understood not only descriptively, but, behaviourally (e.g. how much they spend per month, how long have they been buying from the business)
  • Apply SPSS Modeler analytical techniques, such as customer lifetime value, latency and RFM scoring, to solve business problems
  • Appreciate the Business Customer Game and learn when to market to each customer segment with the right product/service and through the right channel

What Will Be Covered

  • Introduction to customer analytics
  • Customer marketing basics
  • Applications of customer analytics
  • The Business Customer Game
  • Customer segmentation using latency
  • Customer profiling using RFM modelling
  • Customer value assessment using customer lifetime values
  • Profitable customer segments
  • Overall business health of the company


Lectures and workshops

Who should attend

  • Marketing Managers, Senior Marketing Analysts and Marketing Analysts
  • Business Development Managers, Senior Business Analysts and Business Analysts
  • Data Managers, Senior Data Analysts, Data Analysts, Senior Information Analysts, and Information Analysts
  • IT Managers

Trust the experts

Rita Chakravarti

Rita as a seasoned analytics professional has 25+ years of experience in Financial Services, Insurance and Market Research specializing in Scoring (operational & regulatory), Risk Management, Marketing Analytics, Analytics Strategy Development, Analytics Infrastructure, Analytics team managem...


Sachin Tuli

Mr. Tuli teaches courses in international business and global marketing, including Introduction to International Business and Global Marketing Strategy. He has developed, taught and led international business seminars to China, India, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam for graduate and un...


Nirmal Raja Palaparthi

Nirmal is an Analytics professional with 18 years of experience in building practices from ground up in Asia. He has Co-founded and successfully exited from two Analytics companies. The first was Fractal Analytics, India’s leading third party analytics provider and the second: Mobius Innovations,...


Eric Tham

Eric has about 15 years of analytics and data science experience in the financial services, start-ups and web analytics. Prior joining ISS, he was an Enterprise Data Scientist with Thomson Reuters and was also director of quantitative data science in a China fintech start-up with 4 million users....


Prakash Chandra Sukhwal

Prakash is an Associate Lecturer in Institute of Systems Science, National University of Singapore (NUS-ISS). He taught for various analytics modules at School of Information Systems, SMU Singapore for nearly three years prior to joining NUS-ISS. He holds a MS degree in IT in Business Analytics ...


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