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Negotiating is a skill that everyone needs because throughout our lives we face situations that require us to communicate correctly, whether it's buyi...


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  • Procurement and contracts professionals
  • Anyone who wants to become a better negotiator in business and in life

About the course

Learning how to negotiate effectively is an important skill to have in business and in life. By becoming a better negotiator, you are more likely to make the deal you want, get a better job offer, and create further value. This certificate program will help you improve your negotiation abilities by introducing you to relevant tools and terminology, as well as practical negotiation tactics. Throughout the courses, you will have a chance to review and analyze real-world case studies, engage in live, active negotiation exercises with a peer in your class, and learn how to combine different negotiation techniques for the best results. Ultimately, you’ll come away better prepared to achieve your desired outcomes in any business situation — a skill that will pay off for life.


Introduction to Negotiation

This course will introduce you to basic negotiation terminology. You will learn about the difference between distributive and integrative negotiation, and how to use each of these approaches to negotiation to create maximum value. You will then learn how to balance these two approaches in order to further your chances of making a deal and create even greater further value. By the end of the course, you will have the tools to not only split the pie but also grow the pie in a way that would benefit you and your negotiating partner.

Integrative Negotiation

This course will allow you to further explore the integrative approach to negotiation and teach you how to collaborate with your partner to grow your pie and add further value. You will learn how to define yours and your partner's preferences in a way that would serve each party's interests. You will learn how to rate your priorities and trade issues based on how important they are to you and to your negotiating partner. You will learn how to cultivate trust with your negotiating partner so that you can share your preferences while mitigating risk.

Psychology of Negotiation

This course focuses on the psychological element of negotiation. You will learn how understanding your own and your partner's psychological state can have a significant effect on how your negotiation unfolds. You will be introduced to techniques that will allow you to develop your emotional intelligence for better communication with the other party. You will also learn about negotiations that failed as a result of certain feelings, and what to do in order to save them.

Preparing for a Negotiation

This course will focus on negotiation preparation. You will be introduced to tools that will help you clearly define your goals prior to starting your negotiation. You will learn how to conduct research and gather information that will allow you to understand the other party, their preferences, and resources. You will learn how to cultivate trust with your negotiating partner as a way of allowing smooth information flow. Most importantly, you will learn how to prevent unexpected traps and scenarios and instead focus on the person across the table.

Power Dynamics and Ethics in Negotiation

This course will teach you how to balance power and ethics as part of your negotiation. You will learn to recognize where your and your partner's power lies, and how to harness it to your benefit. At the same time, you will learn how not to abuse and misuse your power in order to avoid ethical issues that may put you in legal jeopardy and that might very well end your business relationship with your partner. You will learn how to develop and maintain your reputation and how to align your values with your desired negotiation outcomes.

Complex Negotiation

This course takes your knowledge of basic negotiation tactics and shows you how to use them creatively and in more complex situations. You will learn how to negotiate outside the face-to-face, two-party environment. You will find out how to negotiate with a distant party, master multi-party and team negotiation, and acquire the ability to deal with personality or cultural differences. These new skills will make you a confident and efficient negotiator even under unfavorable circumstances.

Key course takeaways

  • Master essential negotiation tactics that create the best outcomes
  • Develop integrative negotiation skills for collaborative problem-solving
  • Manage emotions in negotiations
  • Reduce uncertainty and mitigate risk during negotiation
  • Manage power dynamics and ethical challenges during a negotiation
  • Handle complex negotiations with creative solutions


Allan Filipowicz

Allan Filipowicz is Clinical Professor of Management and Organizations at the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University. Professor Filipowicz's research focuses on how emotions drive or impede leadership effectiveness, at both the intrapersonal and interpersonal l...

Tony Simons

Professor Tony Simons teaches organizational behavior, negotiation and leadership at the Cornell School of Hotel Administration. His research examines trust–employee trust in leaders, executive team member trust, and trust in supply chain relationships. Simons''s research has focused on how well ...

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

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