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Schulich Executive Learning Centre

Masters Certificate in Healthcare Management

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This masters certificate program benefits professionals in leadership positions in private and public healthcare, individuals seeking to increase their leadership capacity and influence within the system, managers, directors, physicians, researcher’s administrators, team leaders and other senior officials in healthcare organizations.

Module 1 – Advanced Leadership in the Healthcare Sector

The Role of the Healthcare Leader

Start the program by diving into a conversation about what it takes to lead in a system undergoing profound change.

  • Introduction to the Healthcare Management program
  • Explore the changing role of the leader in healthcare

System Integration in Healthcare – The Ontario Experience

Learn to optimize the Local Health Integration Network environment for your organization.

  • Understand how regionalization is developing in Ontario and learn strategies for influencing the process
  • Learn to build horizontal and vertical partnerships for seamless patient care

Excelling with Emotional Intelligence

Understand your personal leadership style so that you can most effectively influence your work environment.

  • Assess your personal leadership style, including strengths and limitations
  • Gain insight into your level of emotional intelligence (EI)

Module 2 – Critical Thinking, Project Planning & Problem Solving in Healthcare

Thinking Skills for a Turbulent World: The Art of Framing and Reframing

Develop thinking skills that will enhance your effectiveness in the ever changing field of healthcare.

  • Learn how to anticipate emerging changes in healthcare
  • Improve your critical thinking by recognizing and challenging taken-for granted assumptions
  • Develop the seeing and thinking skills to recognize opportunities

Resolving Conflicts – Your Own and Others’

  • Explore common sources of conflict in healthcare and your role as a leader
  • Assess your preferred conflict style and how it impacts your ability to resolve disputes
  • Learn a 5 step process for managing conflicts

Module 3 – Innovation and Project Management

Innovative and Creative Thinking

Make innovation part of your core competencies with practical tools to advance your organization beyond entrenched ideas.

  • Identify and overcome obstacles to individual and team innovation
  • Lead teams to be more innovative

Practical Project Management

Drive corporate and departmental strategies in times of tight resources and competing priorities with the tools of professional project managers.

  • Gain approval and sponsorship for your projects
  • Manage risks to deliver high quality result

Module 4 – Leading Change & Innovation in Healthcare

Leading Change in Healthcare

Prepare for your role as an effective change agent.

  • Learn best practices for implementing change in healthcare organizations
  • Apply the eight-step change and transition process to cases

Successful Communication

Effectively influence others: express your preferences the first time.

  • High impact techniques to deliver your spoken and written communications
  • Proven strategies to build collaborative, professional relationships

Module 5 – Designing Lean Processes in Your Healthcare Organization

Lean – A Prescription for Healthcare

Explore Lean, a proven problem-solving, process-improvement strategy that enables the delivery of consistent, high-quality outcomes.

  • Understand the fundamentals of Lean – Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control – and the key ingredient for its success: organizational readiness
  • Discover eight sources of waste and inefficiency in hospitals and master the tools to eradicate them

Module 6 – Information Technology for Healthcare Leaders

Information Technology in Healthcare

Improve your understanding of the many changes technology and various types of integration can bring to a healthcare organization, to help ensure better adoption and outcomes for your organization.

  • Different types of changes that technology and integration can bring to a healthcare organization
  • How to embrace an information driven culture
  • The importance of extraordinary and sustainable service delivery

The Power of Appreciative Leadership

Establish highly effective and motivated care teams using the processes of appreciative leadership.

  • Understand employee engagement strategies and how to enhance staff commitment to quality care and the organization
  • Develop highly effective teams and individuals using appreciative inquiry methodology

Module 7 – Finance, Strategy and Courageous Leadership

Financing and Implementing Your Strategy

  • Decision making and financing your strategy
  • Lessons learned in developing your strategy to avoid future problems
  • How to embrace an information-driven culture
  • The importance of extraordinary and sustainable service delivery

Courageous Leadership: Your Personal Call to Lead from the Edge

Prepare for your role as a courageous healthcare leader.

  • Understanding the key concepts of courageous leadership
  • Understanding of the process of courage development through the lens of The Hero’s Journey
  • How to apply these concepts to your own courage development within your current leadership role

Learnings Consolidating / Program Closure

Who should attend

The Masters Certificate in Healthcare Management is for:

  • Professionals in leadership positions in private or public healthcare
  • Individuals seeking to increase their leadership capacity and influence within the system
  • Managers, directors, physicians, researcher's administrators, team leaders and other senior officials in healthcare organizations
  • Those preparing for their next career level


Biography David S. Weiss received his doctorate from the University of Toronto and has three Master’s Degrees in psychology, education and philosophy. David is a highly sought-after keynote speaker and has been honoured with the “Distinguished Lecturer” certificate from the Government of Canada....
Biography Diana Kawarsky specializes in business communications for Schulich’s Executive Education Centre, York University. In addition, she is a facilitator, adult educator, coach and management consultant with Fortune 500 companies throughout North America. Her experience spans nearly 20 years...
Biography Mark is a professional leadership consultant and trainer with extensive experience facilitating teams and relating to the psychology of human dynamics in the workplace. He has led major organizational change initiatives for diverse clients including GM, Sears, General Mills, CN, Domtar...


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