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Managing Real Estate Development Projects

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Real estate development projects involve many moving pieces; the project manager guides and aligns resources to bring those pieces together into a coherent, financially successful whole. To develop critical project management skills, you will work through a case study and learn how to think like a project manager with guidance from Brad Wellstead, experienced former real estate development project manager and Cornell University faculty member. The practical tools and techniques you learn will allow you to confidently create a project schedule, set a realistic budget, and effectively manage resources, risks, and people.

Topics Include

  • Learning how to organize your development project for success by analyzing key characteristics that impact schedule and budget.
  • Planning and managing resources by breaking down critical steps to create a project schedule with appropriate task durations and milestones.
  • Tracking project performance by preparing a budget that accurately estimates all relevant costs and monitoring progress as the project unfolds.
  • Analyzing potential risks that could derail the schedule or budget and determining how best to mitigate them.
  • Determining how to effectively select project team members and communicate with them.

Who should attend

This course is designed for managers and professionals across industries with financial or operational responsibility for real estate, investments, or financing; asset management professionals including asset managers and portfolio managers; professionals working for or aspiring to work for real estate funds, REITs, real estate developers, or real estate advisory firms; and professionals affiliated with the creation and use of real estate as a financial asset.


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Detailed Description