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Managing Managers for Results

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About the course

For managers who have transitioned from managing others to managing managers or a functional unit.

This four-day programme builds personal skills to help you in the transition you have made to managing managers or a business unit. It provides the tools, principles, insights and techniques necessary to gain personal awareness and build professional management skills to achieve results through managing managers. The emphasis is on personal growth into the role managing a manager.

How you will benefit

During this programme various tools are utilized in small group breakaways such as coaching, video sessions and in the plenary of 'real' play, modeling, case study, peer coaching and activities, along with the input and guidance of the expert facilitator. The learning is process and group driven, as much as it is content driven. This programme will allow you to:

  • Understand and describe best practice at your management level and apply it to your current position;
  • Assess your own performance against this benchmark;
  • Apply some tips and tools applicable to your management level; and
  • Create a personal development plan to use your strengths to meet the demands of excellence in your job.​

Key focus areas:

  • Context: The transition to a manager of managers and leading in turbulent times;
  • Team: Setting a direction for the team and overcoming barriers, dilemmas and dysfunctional signs; and
  • Self: Growing your authentic management and coaching competencies for collaborative and effective management.

Who should attend

Senior managers and executives, manager of managers (new and experienced),manager of function or division or business unit.

Trust the experts

Sarah Babb

Profile I work with individuals, teams and organisations to achieve growth and greater impact. I bring over 20 years experience of leadership development. My experience is from a practical base as a leader founding and running a mulitmillion rand business for 10 years and from facilitating, teac...


Course reviews

General Manager from South Africa 2017

Course quality: excellent
Instructors: excellent
Other (e.g. materials, infrastructure): excellent
Industry:professional services

Operations Manager from South Africa 2017

Course quality: excellentStrong leadership focus. Assist greatly with identifying blind spot and i also like the tools the course give to empower and grow your staff.
Instructors: good
Other (e.g. materials, infrastructure): very good
Primary takeaway: How to setup effective and efficient personal development plans How to employ tactics to get the best out of your staff and achieve organisational objective Identifying blind spots How to grow and empower staff As head of an area earn how to function almost as a consultant, observe staff and be able to just support and eleiminate barriers for them. Also how to involve and engage staff in department restructuring in order to get the best out of everybody
Things to improve: Perhaps do it over a shorter period

Course participant from Botswana

Course quality: very good
Instructors: excellent
Other (e.g. materials, infrastructure): very good
Primary takeaway: Importance of being aware of leadership turns and the importance of driving results through people.
Things to improve: The programme could introduce more simulations.

Managing Managers for Results programme

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