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Managing and Sustaining Hospital Growth

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About the course

Managing hospital growth involves an unwavering focus on patient experience. This in turn requires a thorough understanding of who the hospital customer is and how to customize and optimize hospital offerings. This program will provide critical insights into setting patient centered growth strategies that include managing both internal and external publics. Active learning of critical concepts such as customer orientation, integrated marketing communications and branding strategies will be encouraged. The program culminates with a practicum experience where participants will be exposed to best practices in managing hospital growth both from India and abroad and will engage in a creative exercise of designing a growth trajectory for their own hospitals.


The program consists of five modules:

Championing and sustaining hospital growth: This module introduces the underpinnings of sustained growth for hospitals and the tools and techniques available to enhance patient experience

Customer Orientation for Hospitals: This module applies the central concept of customer orientation to hospitals and introduces the concepts of Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning for hospitals. . The implications for marketing communications and branding will be introduced.

Integrated Marketing Communications: This module focuses on communications planning, establishing measurable objectives, appraisal of communication opportunities, development and evaluation of creative strategies and tactics, media planning and evaluation, and metrics for evaluation. Participants’ knowledge will be supplemented through real world case examples.

Branding Strategy: Branding helps hospitals to establish an identity in consumer's minds that strengthens the connection between the hospital values and customer values. Branding as a signature that is imprinted on all hospital communications and is leveraged for competitive advantage will be discussed.

Practicum: Best practices in branding from hospitals both domestically and internationally will be the focus of this module. Participants will be exposed to live presentations from hospital executives from India and international presentations will be streamed online. The culminating experience of the program is a presentation of a branding platform developed by participants for their own organization based on their program experience.

Who should attend

CEO’s, COO’s, Senior Hospital Administrators, Senior Manager of various functions in hospitals /health centres, Marketing Director and Marketing Managers of health care companies.

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