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Managerial Decision Making and Leadership

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About the course

Successful corporations excel in the market place by the quality of their products and services. Internally, leaders and managers distinguish themselves by the quality of their decisions. As leaders and managers, you will find that your decision-making ability is tested and challenged every day. Your ability to make responsible quality decisions will determine your long-term professional success and the sustained success of your organization. Responsible management decisions should not be hit and miss, nor should they be based on titles and ranks. Responsible quality decision-making is a competence that can be acquired and a discipline that should be practiced.

Program Objectives

  • Improve your ability to lead your team in making the best decisions to achieve organizational goals
  • Provide you with a decision-making framework tested by many practical situations so that you can approach any decision with confidence and lead your team to make the best decision
  • Develop your ability to articulate, defend, and successfully implement the decisions that you made. The goal is to strengthen your ability to make quality decisions and successfully implement management decisions
  • Learn the most effective leadership styles in leading the team to make the best decisions. Quality decision-making is the most important managerial skills for professional and organizational successes

Program Benefits

  • What are the psychological traps that prevent people from making the best decisions
  • What are the most common traps that prevent management from making the best managerial decisions
  • What are the elements that make up a responsible quality decision
  • How do we grade our own and other’s decisions
  • What are the important aspects of business goals which lead to quality decisions
  • How to set priorities in order to make quality decisions
  • How to generate alternatives to improve the quality of decisions
  • How to evaluate alternatives in order to choose the best one
  • What information is needed to help us make the best decision
  • Who should be involved in the decision-making process
  • What are the most effective leadership styles in the decision-making process
  • Why is it so important to have a common decision-making framework
  • The importance of building the habit of quality decision-making

Upon completion of the program participants will receive a certificate of participation issued by HKUST Business School.

Program Content

  • Introduction and Overview
  • Psychological traps in decision-making
  • Traps in managerial decision-making
  • Elements of quality decision content
  • Goals; Priorities; Alternatives
  • Elements of quality decision-making process
  • Information; Objective Reasoning; People and Leadership
  • Benefits of common decision-making framework
  • Building the habit of quality decision-making

This program is experiential to great extent. You will learn a thinking framework to make quality decisions, and have the opportunity to practise and improve your decision making skills through lectures, cases, and role-plays.

Who should attend

Leaders and managers who are involved and interested in quality decision-making, including business owners, managers in general management, finance, marketing, IT engineering, product development, processing and manufacturing.

It will be particularly valuable to managers who want to improve their leadership skills and quality in decision-making for professional advancement and organizational successes.

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Caroline Wang

Professor Wang was appointed as Adjunct Professor at HKUST in 2003 when she was the highest ranked Asian women executive at IBM globally. She had over 25 years of experiences with IBM in the US and across Asia Pacific. Among the various management roles she held while based in the US, Japan, and ...


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