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Feb 6—7, 2020
2 days
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
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May 7—8, 2020
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Jun 18—19, 2020
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About the course

Earned value management is a powerful tool for not only capturing and analyzing relevant numbers, but managing projects and programs to improve visibility and control. Capturing data on project status is important, but interpreting that data is even more critical to success. You will learn to identify cost and schedule overruns, compare actual work against baselines, and identify risk warning signs.

Learning Objectives

  • Define key concepts of earned value management (EVM)
  • List the considerations needed to implement EVM effectively
  • Create and evaluate a performance measurement baseline (PMB) from plan components
  • Compare planned project performance with actual performance results
  • Measure project performance using EV metrics
  • Use EVM data to forecast budget and schedule completion
  • Create a status report based on objective EVM metrics
  • Analyze EVM data to make project decisions and determine corrective measures

Course Topics

Earned Value Management Overview

  • Fundamental EVM Concepts
  • EVM Implementation
  • EVM Terminology
  • EVM Applicability
  • Action Planning

Baselining the Project

  • EVM Activities in Projects
  • Baseline
  • Scope Documents
  • Code of Accounts
  • Budget
  • Organizational Breakdown Structures (OBS)
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Determining Total Project Costs
  • Compare Project Costs to Budget
  • Set the Scope and Cost Baseline
  • Schedule
  • Creating a PMB
  • What Are Control Tolerances?

Measuring Progress

  • EVM Activities in Projects
  • EV Metrics
  • Adjusting AC
  • Data Sources: EV
  • Calculating EV
  • A Sample Control Account Plan

Comparing and Analyzing

  • EVM Activities in Projects
  • Compare
  • Analyze
  • Fundamentals of Variance
  • EVM Performance Indices
  • Budget Forecasting
  • ETC
  • Estimate at Completion (EAC)
  • Forecasting Schedule Completion
  • What's New – Earned Schedule
  • Other Interesting Indices
  • Ways to Present Project Status

Making Corrections

  • EVM Activities in Projects
  • EVM and the Corrective Process
  • EVM Data Analysis
  • Corrective Measures
  • A Change Management System
  • Incorporating Change


  • Principles of EVM
  • EVM Activities in Projects
  • EVMS Is Fundamental Management
  • The Baseline
  • EVM Data Elements
  • The Comparisons
  • Corrections
  • Developing an Action Plan

Who should attend

This course is intended for intermediate level Program and Project managers.

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