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Harvard Business School

Making Corporate Boards More Effective

Jul 17—20
4 days
Boston, Massachusetts, United States
USD 10000
USD 2500 per day
Nov 20—23
4 days
Boston, Massachusetts, United States
USD 10000
USD 2500 per day

How it works


Faced with increasingly complex oversight challenges and demands for greater transparency, how can today's boards do more for their companies? In this board of directors education program, you will gain a deeper understanding of the board's responsibilities in areas such as financial resilience, strategic direction, executive compensation, and regulatory compliance. At the same time, you will learn how to work more effectively with fellow directors and company management to strengthen governance, manage unexpected crises, and make decisions that drive long-term corporate success.

Key Benefits

This corporate governance program is based on the premise that there is no one best way for boards to operate—rather, each board must develop practices that suit the unique needs of its company and management. As you examine the latest thinking on the internal function of corporate boards, interaction with management, and overall board relations, you will discover how to enhance and focus your own board's efforts.


Strengthen the impact of your corporate board

  • Achieve trust through more positive relationships within the board and with the management team
  • Create more efficient governance processes
  • Make the most of each board member's time, knowledge, and experience
  • Contribute more meaningfully to corporate oversight activities

Expand your personal and professional network

  • Extend your network by living and working with accomplished executives from various backgrounds, industries, and countries across the globe
  • Build relationships with a diverse group of peers who can provide wide-ranging insights into your business challenges and career decisions

What You Will Learn

Through a rich learning experience that includes faculty presentations, case studies, and small group discussions, you and your peers will explore the most important strategic and organizational issues facing corporate boards today—and how the most successful boards are addressing their challenges.

Key Areas

The board and management

  • Understanding the board's role and responsibilities in relation to management
  • Working with management to oversee company strategy
  • Grooming the next generation of top management

The board's internal processes

  • Designing the most effective structure, composition, and processes for your board
  • Identifying the personal qualities and characteristics needed in the boardroom
  • Providing constructive feedback to one another and to the board's leaders

Proactive governance and risk mitigation

  • Ensuring that your company complies with relevant regulations and laws
  • Preparing for unexpected events and crises, such as activist takeovers, accounting fraud, environmental disasters, and cybersecurity threats

Who should attend

This program is designed to meet the needs of board members, chairs, and directors of publicly held companies and established companies that are planning to go public or undergo a significant transformation.

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