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Who should attend

This programme will benefit executives in the position of leading strategic change initiatives in their organisations, who are typically in middle to upper-middle management with at least eight years’ experience and responsible for teams, units or larger business divisions.

While individual participants are welcome, applications are encouraged from several (up to three) managers within the same organisation, who are current or potential members of a change-implementation team.

About the course

Learn to lead change effectively

In today’s dynamic environment, leading successful change is no longer a managerial luxury but a critical necessity. It can be said that if someone cannot lead change successfully, they cannot lead. Yet the frightening truth is that up to 70% of change initiatives fail.

Leading Successful Change is a three-day programme designed to help you execute change more effectively in your organisation. You will learn about frameworks and tools that you can apply to lead change effectively; analyse different types of change - crisis, reactionary, anticipatory – and their different dynamics; and examine peoples’ attitudes towards change – from early adopters to hard-core resistors.

This programme is also designed to help you analyse different sources of resistance and look at how to create change strategies that factor in the different, non-linear dynamics of a change process over time. Specifically, the programme helps you to enhance your skills in the area of understanding peoples’ motivations, creating and sustaining a positive momentum for change and building broad networks of support.

How you benefit

  • Create the foundation for change: Enhance your understanding of the change process.
  • Build your toolbox: Learn about the skills required to initiate and execute change.
  • Roadmaps for organisational change: Create a detailed action plan related to your specific change initiative.

Content Overview

Leading Successful Change is designed to enhance participants’ core capabilities for leading and sustaining change. As such, an important part of this programme is the opportunity for you to learn and perfect your change skills by doing instead of just thinking. This practical learning is possible through the inclusion of a change simulation in the programme – a proprietary system called Change Pro Simulation. Designed at INSEAD to create a risk-free learning environment, the Change Pro Simulation challenges participants to work through a 120-day change initiative in just a few hours.

Along with the simulation, participants take part in classroom learning, work groups and discussion around five key areas.

Initiating change

  • What role do you, as a leader, play in the change process?
  • How can you help others see the need for change?
  • How can you get people to engage with the change intellectually and emotionally?

Propelling change

  • What are the dynamics of resistance to change?
  • How can you anticipate resistance and obstacles effectively?
  • How can you assess and manage different people from natural, early adopters to hard-core resisters?

Sustaining change

  • Why do so many change initiatives that get off the 'launch pad' ultimately slide back and fail?
  • How can you build your networks and coalitions to help sustain change?
  • What are the keys to effective communication of change?

Diagnosing your change skills

  • What is your personal approach to change?
  • How vulnerable are you to common traps in leading change?
  • How good is your ability to motivate and inspire others?

Consolidating learning & creating an action plan

  • Personal change leadership development areas and actions
  • Priorities for you to work on your change challenge
  • Concrete steps to address those priorities


Vibha Gaba

Vibha Gaba is an Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at INSEAD. Her core expertise is in the area of corporate entrepreneurship, organisational innovation and learning. Much of her published and ongoing research pivots around how organisations learn and its impact on their ability to innovate...

Martin Gargiulo

Martin Gargiulo is a Professor of Entrepreneurship at INSEAD. He earned his PhD in Sociology at Columbia University and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Anthropology from Uruguay's national university. Professor Gargiulo has taught MBA and executive audiences in Asia, the Middle East, Euro...

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Leading Successful Change at INSEAD Business School

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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