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Leading for Creativity and Innovation

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One of the challenges organizations face today is how to innovate. Innovation has become the modus operandi of organizational life. Every organization needs to innovate quickly to stay competitive. But what does “innovation” really mean?

In simple terms, innovation is the practical application of creative ideas to drive organizational results; innovation results in something useful that benefits the organization. In this course, Professor Samuel Bacharach, Ph.D. of Cornell University’s Johnson Graduate School of Management clears away common misconceptions about the mystery surrounding this popular buzzword and identifies how individuals can harness creative energy to drive innovative results. Students will identify strategies for encouraging divergent thinking and examine methods of fostering a culture of innovation.

Key Benefits

Participants who complete this course will be able to...

  • Examine your own organization through the lens of innovation
  • Use a recommended framework for generating new ideas
  • Map significant innovations within your organization, field, or industry
  • Consider how the organizational structure in place fosters (or inhibits) innovation
  • Identify recommended best practices for fostering innovation

Topics Include

Module 1 - Exploring Innovation

  • Types of Innovations
  • Innovation and the Organizational Culture
  • Structuring the Innovative Organization

Module 2 - Generating New Ideas

  • Divergent Thinking
  • Convergence

Module 3 - Encouraging Divergent Thinking

  • Innovative Teams
  • Reward Innovation
  • Examine a Culture of Innovation

Who should attend

This course will have broad appeal for anyone working in an organizational setting with over three years’ experience who has the ability to influence others and drive organizational results.


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