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Who should attend

This Oxford course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Entrepreneurs and Business Owners
  • Mid-to-Senior Level Executives
  • Mid to Senior Managers
  • Directors
  • C-Suite Executives

About the course

This Oxford Leadership in a Digital Age training seminar uncovers the essential skills for future-ready leaders. In this workshop the trainer will take participants through an interactive 5-day workshop weaving in theory, case studies and interactive exercises focusing on transforming them for the realities of the corporate and business environment.

Through this Oxford training seminar, participants will learn skills such as EQ, Innovation and Creativity, the 4-step Leadership in a Digital Age (LIDA) framework, and discover how to lead transformation and change within their organization and beyond.

This Oxford training seminar will highlight:

  • Learn what is Industry 4.0 and what the world's leading companies are doing to innovate and prepare for the future of work
  • Receive an EQ assessment that highlights your strengths and weaknesses in 4 areas of Emotional Intelligence
  • Learn how to increase critical thinking skills, trust, collaboration and influence
  • Learn the 5-step Design Thinking framework used globally to come up with user-centric products and services
  • Discover how to implement, and execute change within your organization, and overcome resistance


At the end of this Oxford training seminar, you will learn to:

  • Learn essential skills machines cannot replicate - EQ, innovation, creativity
  • Apply the 4-step Leadership in a Digital Age (LIDA) framework for becoming a future ready leader
  • Discover how to lead digital transformation within your organisation
  • Learn techniques on how to execute, drive and manage change

Training Methodology

The training methods combines recent, up to date management theory, together with the practical realities of management. The trainer will introduce some research, theory, or instigate a discussion topic. This is usually followed by a group exercise (role-play, discussion, case study etc.) and a short debrief to understand how to relate it back to the workplace.

A variety of materials are used during the delivery, including PowerPoint, Case Studies, Video, Role Play, Leadership Development and Team Building activities.

Organisational Impact

By sending participants on this Oxford training programme, the organisation will greatly benefit by:

  • Gaining people who have some of the most-wanted skills of the future such as Design Thinking, Emotional Intelligence, and Change Environment
  • Increasing confidence in skills such as Strategic Thinking, Critical Thinking and Influence into their day-to-day jobs which allow them to come up with new User-Centric Products and Services
  • Reducing challenges in digitalization and disruption that lie ahead for the organisation
  • Building a culture of Innovation and User-Centric Thinking within the organisation
  • Increasing the knowledge and execution of Change Management within their organization, thereby saving hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • Improving understanding of Leadership Challenges in this competitive era of business

Personal Impact

  • Participants will learn skills such as Design Thinking, Emotional Intelligence, and Change Management – some of the most relevant and most wanted skills in the current business environment
  • Participants will learn important skills applicable to any role such as Strategic Thinking, Critical Thinking and Influence
  • Participants will learn the 5-step Innovation Framework so they can lead teams in coming up with User-Centric Products and Services for their competition
  • Participants will learn how to ideate and brainstorm for ideas and how to select the best ideas for solving challenges in their organization and industry
  • Participants will learn the 4-step LIDA framework for navigating through times of disruption and change
  • Participants will learn how to lead, execute and manage Change within their organization

Course Outline

Day 1 Leadership in a Digital Age

  • What is Industry 4.0 and How Are Leading Companies Preparing for the Future of Work
  • Impact on the Industry of Globalization and Digitalization
  • The Changing Leadership Landscape
  • Exploring Leadership Models that can Drive Change
  • The Leadership In a Digital Age (LIDA) Framework
  • An Introduction to Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • The Positive Link between High EQ and Powerful Leadership

Day 2 Leadership in a Digital Age

  • The Importance of Strategic Thinking in a Fast-moving Economy
  • Strategic Thinking Tools and Frameworks for Every Occasion
  • How to Increase Trust and Collaboration
  • Removing a Silo Culture
  • Benefits of Increasing your Critical Thinking Skills
  • Increasing Your Influence in a Digital Age
  • How to Negotiate from a Stronger Position in the 21st Century

Day 3 Innovation & Design Thinking

  • The Need for Innovation in Your Industry
  • How to Create a Culture of Innovation
  • What it means to be an innovative leader?
  • An Introduction to the Design Thinking Framework
  • Using Empathy and Ethnographic Research to Understand Your Customers’ Needs
  • Defining Your Problem Statement
  • Case Studies of Firms that have Successfully Implement Design Thinking

Day 4 Innovation & Design Thinking

  • Effective Brainstorming and Ideation
  • Creating a Suitable Prototype to Showcase Your Ideas
  • How to Make a Compelling Presentation to Win Further Support and Investment
  • What’s next after Design Thinking? How to Ensure Your Prototypes and Ideas Don’t Lose their Momentum
  • Common Obstacles Faced when Implementing Design Thinking
  • How to Lead Digital Transformation without a Technology Background

Day 5 Change Management

  • Gaining Clarity on the Reasons & Reactions to Change
  • Why Many Change Initiatives Fail and How to Make Yours A Success
  • Understanding Your Impact as Leader On Your Teams
  • Identifying Resistance and Strategies for Influencing Change
  • The Importance of Communication in the Change Process
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Driving Execution of Change

Leadership in a Digital age at Oxford Management Centre

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