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Crawford School of Public Policy

Introduction to Resilience: Theory and Practice

Aug 9, 2019
Canberra, Australia
AUD 1195 ≈USD 831
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esilience has become an extremely popular concept as the world becomes more complex —but it is a concept that is at times vague and difficult to implement. Building on recent research, this course breaks down the concept of resilience, introducing some of its different flavours, and provides tools for building resilience in practice. Central to this course will be the notion that resilience is both an individual and a system property. Participants will learn new tools for designing policy to meet goals of resilience building to enhance human well-being, as well as approaches for building resilience in their own organisation in order to deal better with complexity and change.

Course overview

Objective: To provide concepts and tools to help you deal with the concept of resilience.

Topics to be covered include: Approaches to resilience from different scientific disciplines, focusing on social-ecological resilience; system dynamics (attractors, regime shifts, feedback loops); general principles for building resilience; resilience assessment tools.

Course format: The course will include small-group exercises where participants have the opportunity to work through and receive feedback on their own problems from the instructor and each other.


Steve Lade is a researcher focusing on social-ecological system modelling, planetary boundaries, and poverty traps Utilising his background in theoretical physics, Lade’s research at the Stockholm Resilience Centre applies theoretical modelling tools, such as dynamical systems theory and network...