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School of Hotel Administration

Introduction to Hotel Operations

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In today’s world, running a successful hotel is a highly collaborative process involving many roles.

This course is structured around the four key stages in the guest experience -- pre-arrival, arrival, occupancy, and departure -- and will explain hotel operations, the systems that hotels rely on, and the managers and staff who run them. During the guests’ experience, managers and staff will learn how to engage with guests to win and maintain their loyalty.

Professor Reneta McCarthy brings first-hand knowledge of hotel operations to this course, providing insights and guidelines that will give participants a good understanding of the inner workings of today’s hotels.

Topics Include

Applying a knowledge of the chain scale segments to the business models, operating strategies, and operational routines of a hotel

Articulating and engaging effectively in the key aspects of service delivery and service recovery from pre-arrival to departure

Who should attend

This course is appropriate for hospitality professionals working in every function of their organization; professionals looking to move into a hospitality management position; hospitality professionals aspiring to management positions, and hospitality managers working in hotels and corporate offices.